1000 tons / day copper plant equipment list

1000 tons / day copper plant equipment list

Equipment serial number Device name Equipment model Number of equipment (set)
1 Trough feeder 980×1240 1
2 Jaw Crusher PE600×900 1
3 Jaw crusher PEX250×1200 3
4 Single layer vibrating screen 1500×3600 1
5 Vibration feeding machine DZ-5 2
6 Straight rolling bearing ball mill GM2.7×3.6 1
7 Sorghum classifier FLG-3000 1
8 Stirring tank 3000×3000 1
9 Flotation machine SF-8 14
10 Flotation machine SF-4 5
total 30

Vacuum sealer bags

The vacuum bags are popular because they allow you to preserve your foods to perfect condition, which works together with vacuum sealers machine, no matter dry foods or wet foods, it always keeps your meal longer so you don't waste it.
One side embossed channel and transparent on the other, provide strong suction and sealing, keep food from puncturing the vacuum bag. Visible design makes it better display of the food in the bag.
Compatible with all Vacuum Sealer machines, with tight edge and smooth sealing, which provide better insulation from air.

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