16 major keywords to understand the development of the LED industry

Osram said the acquisition consortium includes strategic investor IDG, China Lighting Corporation MLS (Mullin) and financial investor Yiwu State-owned Assets Operation Center. The acquisition also includes the right to use the trademark license. LEDVANCE will continue to use the Osram and Sylvania brands in the future. Keywords: M&A On July 26th, Osram of Germany officially agreed to sell LEDVANCE, a newly operated lighting business company, with a Chinese consortium bidding more than 400 million euros (about 439 million US dollars). Osram said the acquisition consortium includes strategic investor IDG, China Lighting Corporation MLS (Mullin) and financial investor Yiwu State-owned Assets Operation Center. The acquisition also includes the right to use the trademark license. LEDVANCE will continue to use the Osram and Sylvania brands in the future. At the same time, OSRAM revealed that the acquisition conditions include retaining the existing R&D team and not dismissing existing employees until the end of 2018. The entire acquisition agreement includes ensuring that employees in Germany are retained. Key words: significant correlation data statistics, the electronic industry's interim results showed a general growth pattern, 129 companies, 85 companies, net profit achieved a year-on-year growth, accounting for nearly two-thirds, 44 companies net profit fell year-on-year, profit decline enterprises The ratio is 34.1%. The LED industry showed a higher proportion than the overall growth rate. 79% of the enterprises in the industry achieved net profit growth, which was significantly higher than the proportion of positive growth enterprises in the electronics industry, which confirmed the judgment of the LED industry. From the perspective of profit growth, the LED industry's small pitch display overall performance is better, Alto Electronics and Liard have achieved high growth of more than 100%. From the valuation point of view, the median PE of the LED industry is 67 times, which is lower than the median of the electronics industry as a whole 76 times. In view of the fact that the LED industry's performance growth is higher than the overall, but the valuation is lower than the industry overall, we are still optimistic about the investment opportunities in the LED industry in the second half. Keywords: deep enterprise layout As the vanguard of China's reform and opening up, Shenzhen has long begun to lay out international cities, especially in recent years. Under the strategy of going global, the Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government have adopted a number of policies and measures. Actively implement the go-out strategy and encourage enterprises to operate globally. A group of enterprises in Shenzhen have repeatedly seized opportunities in the competition of large-scale multinational projects, international mergers and acquisitions, emerging markets and emerging industries. On July 20th, the Shenzhen Economic and Trade and Information Technology Commission and the Asian Development Bank South Asia Branch held an overseas investment seminar in Futian, Shenzhen. At the exchange forum jointly held by the two sides, the head of the Indian economic and trade section introduced India's policy dividends in the development and promotion of LED. The Energy Efficiency Agency (BEE) of the Indian Ministry of Power and the Indian Semiconductor Lighting Contract Energy Management Group (EESL) are also embarking on a business model roadmap for government procurement of LED lights. The holding of the exchange meeting will bring more business opportunities to the business community of both sides, and become a new milestone in promoting the development of Shenzhen LED and other emerging industries and India's economic and trade cooperation. Keywords: investment and reduction of holdings On the evening of July 19, Foshan Lighting disclosed three investment announcements in a row. These include the proposed acquisition of the equity of Nanhe Company, the proposed acquisition of the equity of Chanchang and the establishment of a joint venture to establish a main electrical product. At the same time as a large amount of foreign investment, the company also disclosed a reduction plan, intending to reduce its holdings of Guoxuan Hi-Tech stock, to withdraw funds, focus on the main business. The company intends to acquire 32.85% of the shares of Shenzhen Nanhe Communication Industrial Co., Ltd. held by Baiya Co., Ltd. for 180 million yuan. Because Guangdong Electronic Information Industry Group Co., Ltd. is both a controlling shareholder of Foshan Lighting and the largest shareholder of Nanhe Company, the company will acquire 32.85% of the shares of Nanhe Company held by Baiya Co., Ltd. Form a joint investment relationship with the company. At the same time, Foshan Lighting also disclosed a plan to reduce its holdings: The company intends to take the block trade or centralized bidding transaction to reduce the holding of Guoxuan Hi-Tech stock from now until December 31, 2016, and reduce the number of shares by no more than 36.5 million. Shares, no more than 4.17% of the current total share capital of Guoxuan Hi-Tech. Key words: strong rebound The Taiwan stocks have a rapid rotation. The LED group was driven by the theme of quotation on the 20th. Indicators such as Yiguang, Jingdian and Dongbei rose more than 1%, becoming the strong focus of the 20th. The adjustment of crystal products has played a role. The gross profit margin in the second quarter reached 6.7%, which was better than market expectations. In addition, the product mix in the third quarter is expected to create a new high for gross profit margins and even drive the industry's operating deficits. On the 20th, the share price of Jingdian rose 7.42%, and stood at 24 yuan in one fell swoop, which is a long-term fire for the LED group. LED stocks profited Wang Yiguang also had a 1.3% increase on the 20th. Under the entire group of low-cost red sea wars, it can still maintain stable profits, so it continues to win the favor of legal persons, and the stock price is also high-end finishing in the near future. Yiguang Chairman Ye Haofu recently Also said that optimistic about the company's operations in July will be better than June. Wu Qinghui, chairman of Dongbei, also stressed that the worst timing of the LED factory has passed, and that LED will start to rebound in the second half of the year. Dongbei's share price rose higher in the morning on the 20th, but when it was high in early July, the upper selling pressure emerged, pushing down the index, and finally rising 2.09%. Keywords: solar LED lighting Dr. Evan Mills, an energy analyst at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, has completed the first global analysis of how the transition to solar LED lighting will affect employment and job opportunities. He focused on the most impoverished 112 million of the world's 274 million households lacking electricity. These households, mainly located in Africa and Asia, are not connected to the grid and cannot afford solar power generation equipment, so they are suitable for solar LED lighting. Mills recently published a research report on the "Sustainable Energy" bimonthly website, saying that solar energy replaces fossil fuels for lighting, which creates more jobs than lost jobs. The report also said that the use of solar LED lighting may also create more job opportunities and employment income by generating indirect employment, re-costing energy savings, improving the working environment, and improving the cultural level of the employed. Keywords: QLED technology Recently, with Hon Hai entering Sharp, hoping to obtain LCD TV IGZO technology, breaking through the oligopoly of Han factory in the TV market, we can know that the current LCD TV industry competition is far more intense than imagined. . From the functional 4K, HDR and other advanced features, to the underlying panel technology, both are the key to the success or failure of LCD TV. In this case, the new quantum dot technology has become the new blue ocean of LCD/LED manufacturers. Including Samsung's SUHD, SONY's new TRILUMINOS, are outstanding quantum dot technology in the market. However, although quantum dot technology is better than traditional LED backlight technology, it still cannot reach the level of OLED. Therefore, Samsung is currently trying to develop a new type of panel, which is QLED to catch up with the OLED level. However, QLED is still in the concept stage, Samsung did not disclose the specific business plan. QLED is in the market, or wait three to five years. Keywords: Pokemongo Pokemongo, an augmented reality game that fascinates the world, and Cisco's IoT Executive (IOT) says the technology behind Pokemon can be a ceiling light near you to help You control lighting, heating, and other things that pass gestures. Augmented reality uses digital technology to add visual objects to a person's real-world view or real-time video. In Pokemon, the monster appears in the map or video on the phone screen, and the game player must use GPS to get to the exact location and find it. Electronic components and sensors that support AR can be placed in the fixture. The AR goggles work in some cases by picking up a wireless signal from a sensor that detects something. Lamp manufacturers are now beginning to embed various sensors in their fixtures, so it's easy to imagine that they will add AR-capable sensors in the future. Keywords: lush green machines In addition to black technology, Google's most attractive should be the free canteen. The latest quarterly financial report shows that Google has more than 24,400 employees, and it is not a simple matter to support the number of residents in this small town. The company's food-related project is called the Farmto Table, which teaches the food industry's knowledge. The highlight is the container called the Leafy Green Machine. The container is actually a hydroponic garden, and there is one at Google headquarters. Although Google has many organic gardens, containerized is used almost anywhere, even if the land is contaminated. There are pink LED lights in the box to provide light source for the plants. Plants are soilless, grown on vertically discharged hydroponics, with high space utilization, and can grow hundreds of plants in one box. The average plant can mature in three weeks, and a box of plants is enough for a week at Google headquarters.

high pressure washer is a machine that rushes a surface by using a power plant to generate high-pressure water from a high-pressure piston pump. It can peel off the dirt and wash it away to clean the surface. Because it uses high-pressure water column to clean dirt, high-pressure cleaning is also recognized as one of the most scientific, economic and environmentally friendly cleaning methods in the world.
Can be divided into cold water high pressure cleaner, hot water high pressure cleaner, motor driven high pressure cleaner, gasoline engine driven high pressure cleaner. The difference between the two is that the hot water washer adds a heating device to heat the water using a combustion cylinder or an electric heating device. However, hot water washing machines are expensive and costly to operate (because diesel or electricity is used to heat water), but many professional customers will choose hot water washing machines.

According to the drive engine, there is electrical high pressure cleaner, gasoline high pressure cleaner and the diesel driven washer. As the name implies, all three washing machines are equipped with high-pressure pumps, which are completely portable and lightly moved. They are connected to a motor, a gasoline engine or a diesel engine, respectively, thereby driving the high-pressure pump to operate. The advantage of a gasoline engine driven high pressure cleaner and a diesel driven washer is that they can work in the field without the need for a power source. 
Industrial high-pressure cleaners are divided into three categories according to their use, household washer, commercial washer and industrial washer. First, the home use high-pressure washing machine, customer need it portable, flexible, easy to operate. Second, the commercial high-pressure cleaner, which has higher requirements on parameters and frequency of use.

Hot Water High Pressure Cleaner application
1. Food processing plants, food processing machinery, kitchen cleaning of hotels and restaurants, etc. 2. Building exterior walls, floors, baths, swimming pools, doors, windows, floors, toilets, oil stains, and corners that are difficult to clean. 3. Cleaning and maintenance of various motor vehicles, engineering vehicles, construction machinery and agricultural machinery supporting products, such as washing cars, bulldozers, concrete mixers, tractors, etc. It is an ideal cleaning tool for cleaning cars and motorcycles for personal and small vehicle maintenance units. 4, more than 500bar high pressure cleaner can carry out concrete chiseling, higher pressure high pressure cleaner can even cut and cut out various grades of concrete.

Hot Water High Pressure Washer

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