2-Hi Rolling Mill -3

Quick Details
Place of Origin: Shanxi, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: PLS
Rolling mill: Mill
Packaging & Delivery 
Packaging Details Container, wood box
Delivery Time Six months

The main composition: The main motor, the joint reducer, drive shaft assembly, spindle brackets, rolling mill base, rolling mill

Φ450 H-rolling mill line
Equipment Number: 
Location: ****
Quantity: 1 set
Mill Type: Mill type Pomini, non-short-stress wire mill
Role: According to the technical requirements will be Rolling and Forming

2.1 Technical data: 
The size of roller φ480/φ420 × 700 mm
The diameter of roller neck φ240
Unilateral maximum rolling force (kN. M) 2000
Axial the amount of adjustment (mm) ± 3
Radial the amount of adjustment (mm) 80
Mill pressing speed (mm / s) 0.5
Rack traverse stroke (mm) ± 285
Traverse speed (mm / s) 50
The type of Rolling-sliding device: Hydraulic Cylinder
Piston hydraulic cylinder: 
Hydraulic cylinder diameter (piston / rod): F 160 / f 100mm
Hydraulic cylinder stroke: 535mm
Hydraulic cylinder working speed: 5mm / s, 30mm / s
Hydraulic cylinder working pressure: 16MPa
Hydraulic cylinder Quantity: 1
Main Motor Type: Z500-2B
Ratio: In accordance with user requirements

2.2 Structural characteristics: 
Roller Bearings (China): 4-row cylindrical bearings Thrust Bearing
Roll balance: Balancing dampers
Radial roller adjustment: Hydraulic motor automatic and manual adjustment roller symmetrical seam, 
Rack sliding: The rolling-line Fixed-driven hydraulic cylinder. 
Cardan shaft with drum gear coupling
Electrical coupling used drum gear coupling

Our products: 
1, hot rolling mill
2, cold rolling mill
3, 2-roller horizontal rolling mill
4, 2-roller vertical rolling mill
5, 3-roller pipe rolling mill /tube rolling mill
6, 650 3-roller rolling mill
7, 4-roller planetary rolling mill
The main product line: 
1, welded pipe product line
2, seamless product line
3, bar product line
4, round bar, steel wire mill
5, medium plate mill
6, hot-rolled band steel mill
Company honor: 
The first national prize for invention and progress in Science and Technology


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  1. Long life & stable
  2. Strong structure
  3. Factory made


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