A look at new energy generation technologies

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Hefei University of Technology attached Xiao Liu Yijie waste-to-energy to separate the organic matter in the garbage from metal and glass, and then the organic matter is sent to a sealed boiler for incineration, and the generated steam can be used to generate electricity. Burning 500 tons of garbage, can send 10,000 kWh D Hungary built a large waste power plant with 4 garbage combustors, each burning 15 tons of garbage. The power plant generates electricity and provides up to 250 vapors to nearby users.

Sludge power generation Japan uses organic matter in urban groundwater sludge as an energy source to generate electricity. The University of Tokyo also invented a method of solidifying sludge. The solidified sludge has 4000 calories per kilogram, which is equivalent to the calorific value of low-quality coal. Using it to generate electricity can save energy and protect the environment.

High-temperature rock power generation Japan has begun to develop high-temperature rock mass power generation technology. They drill wells with depths ranging from a few hundred meters to several kilometers on high-temperature rock masses, then inject high-pressure water and use the high-temperature steam that is ejected to generate electricity. Japan is a country of volcanoes, and high-temperature rock mass distribution is very common. Therefore, they believe that the use of high-temperature rock mass power generation is an ideal new energy technology.

Solar Air Power Generation Spain has built a solar-powered power station. The greenhouse is made of transparent plastic sheets with a diameter of 244 meters. The ceiling of the greenhouse is erected with a 198-meter-high air duct. First, the solar energy heats the greenhouse so that the cold air outside pushes the hot air in the greenhouse up along the air duct, creating a strong airflow that pushes the impeller mounted on the air duct, which drives the generator to generate electricity.

Chlorophyll power generation Japanese scientists have found that when plant photosynthesis is used for photosynthesis, it not only breaks down water into hydrogen and oxygen, but also decomposes hydrogen into positively and negatively charged particles, which can directly convert solar energy into electricity. To this end, they mixed the chlorophyll extracted from the leaves of the cabbage with lecithin, applied it on a transparent tin oxide crystal sheet, and used it as a positive electrode in a transparent battery. Under the sunlight, the battery generates electricity. This battery converts 30% of solar energy into electrical energy, and currently the best silicon solar cells can only convert 10% of solar energy into electrical energy. Therefore, chlorophyll power generation has a broad future.

Today, this illusion is making breakthroughs in this area of ​​VFE Solar, which is now Germany's Brandenburg State. The company's Weizel engineers said they chose a silica gel as the energy storage material. Put the silica gel into the storage tank first, then bundle the summer sun through the solar panel and send it to the storage tank. Under the action of solar energy, the silicon limbs will gradually dry out. In the winter, as long as water is added, the silica gel will produce a chemical reaction that will dissipate heat and can be used for home heating. Moreover, the silica gel placed in the storage tank does not need to be replenished and is not replaced. If the container of the home heating tank is equipped with this type of silica gel, the heat generated is enough for a family to warm in winter.

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