Analysis of Common Failures of Optical Fiber Online Laser Markers

Introduction: Nowadays, marking the products is an indispensable part in the packaging field. The effectiveness of the printing has become an effective basis for reflecting the quality of products and displaying corporate image. Laser inkjet printers have been widely used in domestic and foreign markets instead of ink jet printers. However, a large number of applications have also brought a lot of problems. The following Xiao Bian gave us an analysis of several common laser printer failures.

Analysis of Common Failures of Optical Fiber Online Laser Markers

1. The reason why the laser output power of the laser is weak is that the new equipment has not been used for a long time:

1 Whether the laser output power measured at the factory reaches the technical specifications;

2 The accuracy of resonant cavity adjustment meets the requirements;

3 whether there is light leakage in the entire anti-reflection film;

4 whether the insertion loss of the acousto-optic switch is within the specified range.

2. After a period of time, the laser output power drops:

1 whether the laser cavity changes: micro-tuning the cavity lens, so that the best light output;

2 All anti-contrast and output diaphragms are defaced;

3 acousto-optic crystal shift or the output power of acousto-optic power supply is low: adjust the acousto-optic crystal position;

4Cooling water tank temperature setting and ambient temperature difference exceeds 5 °C;

5 The service life of the Xenon lamp expires;

6 The laser beam entering the galvanometer is off-center: adjusting the laser;

7 If the current is adjusted to about 20A, the photoreceptor is not strong enough: the xenon lamp is aging and the new lamp is replaced.

Anomaly Cause Remedy

1. The power indicator is off. 1) Exchange 220V is not connected. 2) The indicator light is bad. Connect the power cord for replacement.

2. The protection indicator is on and there is no RF output. 1) Internal overheating, protective unit action. 2) The outer protective contact is disconnected. 3) The Q element and the driver do not match, or the connection between the two is not reliable, causing the reflection to be too large and causing the internal protection unit to operate. Improve heat dissipation conditions. Check the outer protection contacts. The standing wave ratio was measured. Ask our company.

3. Running indicator light, no RF output. 1) The light output control signal is constant and effective. 2) The position of the RUN/T-on/T-off selector switch is incorrect. Check the light output control signal pulse. Put the switch to the correct position.

4. The processing of graphics is disorderly. The light output active level is set incorrectly. Reset the light output active level.

5. Can turn off the laser power is too small. 1) There is a problem with the Q switching element. 2) The output RF power is too small. Check the Q switch. Adjust the output RF power.

6. The peak power of the laser pulse is too small. 1) The average laser power is too small. 2) There is a problem with the Q switching element. Adjust the light path. Check the Q switching element.

Maintenance of fiber laser printers The first point to note is that each accessory has its purpose, not to be removed and destroyed, and regular replacement of the Air Filter;

The second point is to keep the voltage stable. The voltage used by the printer is 220V, the minimum is not less than 200V, and the maximum is not higher than 240V. If the voltage is unstable, it will cause system program failures and hardware failures, such as circuit board burnout, crashes, phase flicker, pressure instability, etc., and failure to complete troubleshooting.

The third point is that the machine should be refueled every month in which it is best to add lubricated oil to keep the machine in a good condition. In the case of a sudden power failure, the printer must be turned off immediately to prevent the voltage and current from passing through when an unexpected call is made. Causes the printer's main control board and driver board to burn out. At the end of the series, you are reminded to note that no effort to change the direction of the nozzle before loosening the handle screws is prohibited; it will cause the nozzles to loosen and affect the quality of the print.

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