Analysis of Operational Situation of Construction Machinery Industry in the First Half of the Year

The operating status of the construction machinery industry in the first half of the year is still showing significant growth. From the sample analysis of the key OEMs in the six major categories of products, see:

1. Excavating machinery, the six joint venture-owned enterprises have accumulated sales of 6,116 units by the end of June. This sales volume is equivalent to 75% of the sales volume for the whole year of 1999 in the whole year of 1999. It is estimated that the annual sales volume in 2001 will exceed 10,000 units. The growth rate reached 25%.

2. The loader's sales analysis for ten host plants was 8800 units at the end of June of last year, while the cumulative sales volume for the same period in 2001 increased by 37.7% to 12,116 units.

3. Bulldozers, four OEMs sold 1,681 units at the end of June and 1,325 units at the same period last year increased by 26.9%.

4. Truck cranes sold 6,093 units to the six major OEMs at the end of June compared to 1,689 units at the end of the same period last year, an increase of 24%.

5. Rollers, sales of the five main plants at the end of June 2667, the same period last year 2633, a slight increase in production; key host plant output growth.

6. Paving machine, sold 156 units (two host plants) at the end of June and 163 units during the same period last year, with a slight drop in production.

The overall trend is still showing a good growth trend, and it is expected that there will be a better growth in the second half of the year.
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