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Due to its safety, practicality and appreciation, car headlamps have always been the love of car companies as a selling point. Halogen lamps and xenon lamps have always been replaced with new ones. However, as an energy-saving and environmentally friendly LED headlamp market is tepid. Audi first used LED width lights on the A4 to turn on the LED headlight era. Afterwards, many manufacturers began to follow-up. LED wide-angle lights were used. The European Union even began to make laws and regulations that all vehicles sold must be equipped with LED display lamps for driving safety. However, all manufacturers only stay in the LED width lamp this step, in addition to several high-end models have installed LED headlamps, the other low-end cars are still using halogen lamps or xenon lights, then the car LED headlights where to go?

According to Yan Hongjun, an automotive lighting manufacturer, LED headlights are used in automotive systems with the following six major advantages.

First, it belongs to the national low-carbon, energy-saving, and environmental protection industries, and is in line with the national industrial support policy, which is an extension of the LED industry;

Second, the color saturation is high, so that the output light is more clear and soft, in line with the characteristics of automotive headlight applications;

Third, long service life, durable, strong shock resistance, can be more than 100,000 hours, is several times the number of halogen lamps and xenon lamps;

Fourth, high efficiency, less additional losses, compared to the traditional lamp complex cooling system, we can see that the LED lamp heat loss is much smaller, the conversion efficiency can reach more than 85%, and no heavy metal mercury pollution, especially for the future Automotive focus on energy-saving design concepts;

Fifth, the response speed is fast. Unlike traditional incandescent light, HID lamps require a longer drive lighting delay, more real-time reflection of vehicle conditions and road conditions, leaving drivers with longer time to judge, reducing vehicle safety accidents;

Sixth, small size, light weight, can achieve a more compact and exquisite lighting, design for other models to save more space.

If we say that there are few applications in the early stage, mainly the brightness, color failure and heat dissipation problems and product costs are relatively high, but now the company has fundamentally resolved the brightness, high temperature heat dissipation technology, with the expansion of the application scale, the cost will be fast? The ED headlight market is approaching in spring.

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