Breakthrough in the beneficiation technology of low-grade fine-grain refractory zinc oxide ore

Recently, the Central South University and Yunnan golden tripod Zinc Industry Co., Ltd. completed the "puree zinc oxide ore flotation technology" project by scientific and technological achievements appraisal China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, micro-fine refractory low-grade Zinc Oxide Ore Mineral processing technology has made important breakthroughs.
Since the zinc oxide contained in the mineral ore more types of mineral structure of complex relationships, very unstable associated components, contains large amounts of clay and limonite ore beneficiation technology program is currently mainly used in the vulcanization process, carried out on the pulp by adding sodium sulphide Pulp treatment. After vulcanization using xanthate collector flotation method using only a small amount of zinc oxide, lead oxide, are used in a large number of amine oxide mineral concentration collector (also referred to as an amine disulfide method). The sulfided amine method is the most taboo, and the presence of slime will cause a large amount of foam to be produced, which seriously affects the sorting process.
The technicians first proposed and realized the flotation process of zinc oxide ore in the industrial scale. The high-efficiency agent system of zinc oxide ore flotation was developed, which eliminated the disadvantage of the difficult selection of ions in the slime and slurry. The effect is to strengthen the inhibition of calcium-containing minerals; the hydrophobic agglomeration of fine-grained zinc oxide minerals enhances its floatability; the centralized re-election process of the first sulfur-post-oxygen-oxidized ore is used, and the flotation is optimized The process conditions have achieved good selection indicators for different types of oxidized ore ( sandstone , limestone and mixed ore); the study has developed a segmented return water utilization scheme, which is conducive to the circulation of sulfide-oxidation mixed ore beneficiation tailings water. use. The flotation process of zinc oxide ore non-demineralized puree completely overcomes the influence of slime, and also eliminates the adverse effects of soluble salt minerals on the sorting process. It has strong adaptability to ore properties, stable process, easy operation and cost. low.

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