Car theft stole 17 vans in the middle of the month

Car theft thief steals 17 vans diesel generators for half a month | Diesel generator prices / 2010-08-24

A car thief who once worked as an auto repairer had stolen 17 vans in Huilong Town, Qidong City alone in just half a month. However, one of the vans had not been sold, and he had to remove the battery to “sell” it. When the car thief opened the stolen van to commit another crime, he was arrested by Qidong Police.
In the early hours of August 5th, Qidong citizen Gumou parked his “Songhua River” van in front of a supermarket in downtown and soon discovered that the car was stolen. Since then, on August 10, 11 and 12, the vans have been robbed in a series of cases. As many as 16 vans in the city have been stolen, and the means of committing crimes have been consistent. There are few traces left on the scene.
The police found that vans were usually stolen late at night and in the wee hours. The police, while controlling the used car trading market, waited overnight at the high-risk locations. On the evening of August 17, the driver Zhang again called the police and claimed that he had been robbed of a blue Wuling-type van of the Soviet F7V×××. At 1 o'clock in the morning on the 19th, when civilian police patrolled plainly in the high-risk section of the case, suddenly, Zhang A stolen van entered the police's view. Subsequently, the police dispatched and arrested the driver Wang. After interrogation, Wang explained the fact that he stole the van. Within a short period of half a month, he had stolen 17 vans in Huilong Town, Qidong City, residential areas, on-street parking lots, and temporary parking spots on roads. The used car transaction needs to provide detailed information of the owner, Wang cannot provide it, and as a result, 17 stolen cars have not been sold, so Wang will remove the stolen car battery, ranging from 50 yuan to 150 yuan. The price is sold to mobile waste acquisition personnel, and then the van is randomly parked in various communities and remote road sections.
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