Centrifugal pump cleaning and inspection should meet the requirements

First, the overall factory pump rust-proof period, the internal parts should not be removed, only the appearance of cleaning. When more than rust warranty period or obvious defects to be disassembled, the disassembly, cleaning and inspection shall comply with the provisions of the technical documents of the equipment. When not specified, the following requirements should be met:

1. Remove the impeller components should be clean, impeller should be no damage.

2. Cooling water pipe should be clean and should be kept clear.

3. Pipeline pump and coaxial pump should not be removed.

Second, disassembly factory pump cleaning and inspection should meet the following requirements:

1. The main pump parts, components and ancillary equipment, the surface and the package of parts, the parts of the end face shall not have scratches and scratches. Shaft surface without cracks, crush and other defects. After cleaning, the moisture should be removed and the parts, components and equipment surfaces lubricated and sorted according to the order of assembly.

2. Pump case should not be disassembled and cleaned vertically.

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Product overview D12 series diesel engine developed by SINOTRUK the self-developed design,Power covering 340-460 Ps .The STEYR`s D12 engine achieve the road National standard  IV - V, and the non-road  National standard III emission regulations. It is an ideal supporting power for the domestic high-power engineering machinery. Product features Inherited the Steyr 10 liter engine cylinder cover, cylinder liner, frame type dry crankcase structure characteristic, maintain the bore center distance of key size unchanged, enlarge travel, increase the displacement    

1. The four valve structure, improves the charging efficiency, burning more fully    

2. A new generation of electronic controlled common rail fuel system using DENSO    

3. The rear timing gear chamber, effectively reducing gear transmission noise.

According to absorb the comprehensive technology of STEYR`s engine from Austria and foreign advanced technology, meanwhile has established long-term strategy cooperation with the world 's leading manufacturers, such as the British RICARDO, the Dutch TNO, German BOSCH, the Japanese DENSO and so on, SINOTRUK improve the technology of  STEYR`s engine continuously as to be a reliable and best cost-effective high-power diesel engine in China. It has achieved national V emission standard.

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