Changsha, Hunan is expected to achieve smart meter coverage by the end of next year

[China Instrument Network Instrument Industry] On March 15th, Hunan Changsha Water Industry Group held the first water service symposium and actively explored how to provide users with better water supply services.

Changsha Water Group Co., Ltd. was formerly the Changsha Water Supply Company founded in 1951. It established the Changsha Water Group Co., Ltd. on May 18, 2011. The Group has jurisdiction over five subsidiaries, including Changsha Water Supply Co., Ltd., Changsha Water Diversion and Water Quality Environment Co., Ltd., which covers a wide range of areas including urban water diversion (water transport), water supply, sewage treatment, water project construction, and environmental protection.
With the continuous development of urbanization, the continuous increase of water users, and the continuous improvement of users' services for water supply companies, Changsha Water Group Co., Ltd. is constantly innovating in the face of these challenges. According to briefings, in recent years, the implementation of the district-level management reform, the smart meter reading system, the optimization and improvement of the “Changsha Water Industry 96533” Wechat platform, the construction of payment channels, the upgrade of invoice services, and the supply of water credit services have been active. Exploration.
At this service symposium, Changsha Water Industry Group mentioned that it is expected that by the end of 2019, Changsha large-diameter smart water meters will achieve full coverage, and gradually open the citizen's personal household data to achieve the upgrade of measuring instruments.
The traditional mechanical water meter requires manual meter reading. It requires a lot of manpower and material resources every month, and it is slow and inefficient. Occasionally, leakage of water pipes is encountered, and 200 tons of water is lost in one day, and 3,000 tons in half a month, resulting in great waste of water resources.
The large-scale use of smart water meters can avoid this problem. The smart water meter is a new type of water meter that uses modern microelectronics technology, modern sensing technology, and smart IC card technology to measure water consumption and conduct water data transmission and settlement transactions. It can transmit data remotely, which greatly saves manpower, material resources and financial resources. At the same time, after using a large-diameter intelligent water meter, the water company can carry out real-time monitoring through the mobile phone. If water quality is found to be abnormal, staff can be immediately assigned to conduct inspections, which can reduce losses in time and save water resources.
In addition, Changsha Water Industry Group is providing services to users by means of constantly improving the interactive function of WeChat public number, realizing self-service reporting and online appeal functions, and developing complaints and suggestions modules.
(Source: Changsha Water Group, Rednet, Baidu Encyclopedia)


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