China's auto parts sales channels appear new trends

As the Chinese auto market continues to grow and improve, the pattern of the aftermarket of auto parts and components is quietly changing. While developing traditional parts and components sales channels, many parts and components manufacturers are exploring new product sales channels, and parts and components sales channels are diversifying.

Most parts and components companies will set up product wholesalers in key domestic cities or central cities, or cooperate with local auto parts wholesalers to sell their own products. These sales channels still occupy the mainstream. status. Parts wholesalers are generally located in large-scale integrated auto parts city. Auto Parts City has the advantage of complete range of accessories, and it is easy to form scale effect and bring a steady flow of passengers. However, the management of Auto Parts City is rather confusing and counterfeit and inferior products are more common. Therefore, they will have higher quality and better quality brands.

Wholesalers of spare parts and components will develop retailers or push products into auto repair shops in their own areas. If spare parts manufacturers cannot effectively control wholesalers, wholesalers in different regions may sometimes experience picking up or cross-regional sales. In addition, most wholesalers will also represent a number of parts brands at the same time, and will adjust the focus of their sales operations based on the profitability of their products, resulting in the emergence of sales of high-margin products. These will affect the sales performance and image of the component manufacturers, and this is what component manufacturers do not want to see. In order to avoid price confusion caused by the wholesale of products and establish a good image of parts and components brands, some parts manufacturers have begun to establish parts-brand stores or authorized dealers. In monopoly

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