Common performance and use of different types of drag chains on machine tools

Due to the wide application of the drag chain and its excellent characteristics for perfect application on the machine tool, the drag chain plays a certain role in the traction and protection of the cables on the machine tool. Then there are several types of drag chains commonly used on machine tools? Can be roughly divided into plastic drag chains and steel drag chains and catheter protection sleeves and rectangular hoses. What are the properties and uses of the common types of drag chains on these types of machine tools? The following mainly explains the use of plastic drag chains and steel drag chains.

Introduction to the performance of plastic drag chains: The plastic drag chain looks like a tank chain and is composed of many unit links, and the chain links can turn freely. The same series of drag chains have the same height, outer height, and pitch, and the drag chain inner height and bend radius R can have different options. The unit chain link is composed of left and right chain plates and upper and lower cover plates. The tow chain can be opened in each section. It is easy to assemble and disassemble, and does not need threading. After opening the cover plate, cables, tubing, and air pipes can be put into the towline.

Introduction of the performance of the steel drag chain: The main chain pull of the steel drag chain (chrome plating of the high-quality steel) supports the pull plate (pulling the aluminum alloy), the pin (alloy steel), and other components, so no relative movement between the cables or the rubber is generated. Pipe and drag chains are not deformed. The chain chrome plating treatment has novel appearance, reasonable structure, high strength, flexibility, no better steel deformation, easy installation, reliable and easy assembly, especially high-strength wear-resistant materials, copper The alloy pin has improved the wear resistance of the product, the bending is more flexible, the resistance is lower, the noise is low, and it can be ensured that the long-term use does not deform and does not droop.

The towline is suitable for use in the reciprocating motion occasions, and it can play the role of towing and protecting the built-in cables, oil pipes, gas pipes, water pipes, etc. Each chain can be opened for easy installation and maintenance. Low noise, abrasion resistance and high-speed movement during exercise. Towline has been widely used in CNC machine tools, electronic equipment, stone machinery, glass machinery, door and window machinery, injection molding machines, robots, lifting transport equipment, automated warehouses and so on.

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