Compressed air energy storage technology and utilization

Column editing / Xiao Zhaohui compressed air energy storage technology is a new type of energy storage technology. As early as 1978, Germany built the world's first exemplary compressed air storage power station with success, followed by the United States, Sakamoto and Israel.

Compressed air energy storage technology has significant comparative advantages and market application prospects.

Compressed air storage refers to the storage of large amounts of renewable energy by compressed air at high pressures and then stored in large underground caverns, depleted wells or aquifers. Use a motor to drive the compressor during peak periods of non-use (such as at night or on weekends) to compress the air into a special underground space for storage. Then, during the peak period of electricity usage (such as daytime), underground compressed air is released for power generation through a specially constructed gas turbine. While gas turbines still require natural gas or other fossil fuels to operate, this technology is a more efficient way to use energy.

1 Working principle Compressed air energy storage is the remaining power when the power system load is low. The electric motor drives the air compressor to press the air into the sealed large-capacity underground space as the gas storage chamber, and converts the non-storable electric energy into storable. The air pressure potential of the compressed air is stored in the air reservoir. When the system generates insufficient power, the compressed air is combusted with oil or natural gas through a heat exchanger, and is introduced into a gas turbine for power generation to meet the peaking needs of the power system.

The accumulator subsystem consisting of a compressor, an electric motor, a gas storage chamber, and the like stores low-cost electric energy of the low valley of the power station through a compressed air in a gas storage chamber such as a rock cavern or an abandoned mine, and the electric generator and the gas compressor are passed through the coupling when accumulating energy. Machine coupling, decoupled from the gas turbine. At the peak load of the power system, the combustion of the gas turbine is used to drive the gas turbine to generate electricity, and the power generation subsystems such as the gas turbine, the combustion chamber and the heater are coupled to the gas turbine during power generation and decoupled from the compressor. The specific workflow is as shown.

2 The significance of compressed air storage The current energy storage technologies in the world include pumped storage, compressed air storage, superconducting magnetic energy storage, flywheel energy storage, high-efficiency battery energy storage, fuel cell energy storage, etc. Compared with energy storage technology, compressed air storage has unique advantages and significance.

Air is the best choice for 'Energy Multimedia'. The development of solar energy, wind energy, wave energy and nuclear energy is a world trend, but there are often unsynchronized supply and demand, imbalanced supply and demand, and the ability to convert, store and retrieve various forms of energy is only air, it is best choice.

Economic and social benefits are huge. Calculated by one-third of the power generation, it can save 400 million tons of coal per year, which is equivalent to the annual output of 10 large and medium-sized coal mines. It benefits every year, and has huge economic and social benefits. It can save a lot of resources and promote economic and social development. Continue to develop.

The safety factor is high and the pollution in the environment is small. If the gas tank leaks, the pressure inside the tank will suddenly drop. The air will neither explode nor burn, and there is no danger of explosion and pollution, so it is a safer and cleaner way of storing energy.

3 The development trend of compressed air storage improves the gas turbine cycle, and can apply the heat recovery technology to develop joint cycle technology.

Larger and more automated units and power stations can further develop storage space.

It is used in distributed energy systems and combined heat, electricity and cooling, and miniature or small CAES power plants composed of micro and small gas turbines can adjust the peak-to-valley difference and ensure the quality of power supply with less input.

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