Copper tailings recovery sericite example (Jiangxi Copper Company)

Jiangxi Copper Industry Company under the mountain of silver lead zinc mine tailings can be produced every year about 500 000 t, second only to the content of the tailings sericite quartz, which lead-zinc tailings, sulfur, copper tailings, tailings pond in The content is 33%, 34% and 29%, respectively, and the sericite reserves are 3.6 million tons. The plant adopts flotation method to recover sericite from lead-zinc tailings and copper-sulfur tailings. The principle process is shown in Figure 1. The result is that the recovery rate of sericite from copper-sulfur tailings is 63.79%.
The sericite grades of concentrate I and concentrate II are 96.70% and 64.50%, respectively; the recovery rate of sericite in lead-zinc tailings is 58.12, and the sericite grades of concentrate I and concentrate II are 96.2% and 62.5%, respectively. .

Figure 1 Process of recycling sericite principle

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