Crop Disease Detector Improves Fruit Resilience

Rot disease is the first major disease in apple production in many areas of China. In the past, in order to find a solution to the problem of apple rot, it was not a problem for farmers, and past disease prevention and control is often followed by the prevention of disease. The prevention and control effect is also not good, but now the use of crop disease detection equipment can be said to find a solution to this problem that allows farmers to solve headaches. Through targeted methods such as early diagnosis, early detection, and early prevention and control, targeted comprehensive prevention and control are greatly reduced. The occurrence of apple rot disease.

Crop Disease Detector

Generally speaking, fruit tree production, fruit trees grow well, and fruit is good, so in the orchard management, how to protect the health of fruit trees is very critical, and through the disease diagnosis and diagnosis instrument for fruit trees to carry out real-time and effective "physical examination", to a certain extent It reduced the harm caused by diseases such as early defoliation and brown spot disease, improved the resilience of fruit trees, and at the same time reduced the amount of pesticide application due to precise drug use, creating an important ecological environment for the production of green orchards. The yield of high-quality fruit has increased significantly, and it has also become very competitive in the market. The economic benefits of orchard production have been reflected, and the confidence of fruit growers in growing fruit trees has been enhanced.
In the past, we always believed that chemical prevention could be “immediately effective” and efficient and rapid. However, if medicines are not used in a timely manner or the medicines are not precisely used, good control effects will not actually be achieved. On the contrary, chaos spraying will increase production costs, kill natural enemies of insect pests, cause plant damage, pesticide residue levels, and the environment. Pollution, etc., is not conducive to the growth and development of the tree. The modern use of crop disease diagnosis and diagnostic equipment to carry out early diagnosis is actually providing important guidance for our precise application of pesticides, making the use of pesticides and other chemicals more appropriate, grasping the best time for disease prevention, with the minimum amount of pesticides used In exchange for the best disease control effect.

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