Development of Data Processing Module for Ram-type Reciprocating Pump CAD System

Development of Data Processing Module for Ram-type Reciprocating Pump CAD System
Core prompts: Sequence flowcharts. 5 丨茗 n: 11 strokes S shifting Qt) 1i) - a '▲ relational database (reciprocating pump database) database module program design to create a relational database (reciprocal pump database) through the visual data manager in VB6.0, see. It is a synthesis of stored data

Sequence flow chart.

5 丨茗 n: 11 strokes S shifting Qt) 1i) - a '▲ relational database (reciprocating pump database) database module program design to create a relational database (reciprocal pump database) through the visual data manager in VB6.0, see. It is composed of a comprehensive data table (Table) which stores data, and the columns in the table are fields, including all the important data parameters displayed on the form through the control in the design calculation module. The name of the field is in the design calculation module. The title displayed on each form module.

In order to save the data into a built database, a data linking form module is specially designed. This module is only loaded when the data needs to be saved (Load comes in This is an intermediate process for saving data. It does not need to be displayed. So it runs in the program. When the form module is invisible, add a data control (Dt) to the data connection form, and set the property's property DatabaseName to "D:MyDoc-uments8 Reciprocating Pump Design Reciprocating Pump Database. mdb Library "The connection. Data connection form includes 8 large frames for the design of the overall design, the cylinder, the pump valve, the plunger, the crankshaft, the connecting rod, the crosshead, and the body. The data and parameter controls are included, and these controls are bound to the Data control.When the design calculation data needs to be saved, click the submenu under the main menu of the reciprocating pump CAD software to save the data to the database.

The data query module design data query is to call out the data in the database and display it on the data query form. The user data query module includes 9 query form sub-modules namely comprehensive data, overall design, liquid cylinder, pump Valve, plunger, crankshaft, connecting rod, crosshead, body. Click on the submenu under the menu main menu of the menu system, that is, the data query form corresponding to the submenu is displayed, and the user can easily query the data in the advanced data control DataGrid on the form.

To achieve the above functions, a new data object technology ADO (ActiveX DataObects) method is used to establish contact with the database. Design the query form interface, in the VB60 environment, select "Project menu and" MicrosoftDataGridControl6.0, the ADOData control and DataGrid control to the control toolbar, and then add the ADOData control to the query program form, and then set The properties of the ADOData control establish contact with the database. After that, the BarDataGrid control is added to the query program form, let it fill the entire form, and set the various properties of the DataGrid control, so that it establishes contact with the ADOData control.

In the query form, the ADOData control does not have to be displayed because it is called automatically by the DataGrid. The user does not need to perform any operations on it. Therefore, during the design of the form, the Visible property of the ADOData control is set to False and is not visible.

Controls can display and edit multiple rows of data in the database at the same time. By setting the columns of the DataGrid control, you can select the fields that need to be displayed in the database and arrange the order of their display to meet the needs of the user. Design the query form interface for the crankshaft.

Drawing module program flow (see) through the Data data control to save the feature size of the component stored in the database into the drawing component form module, in the drawing of a component of the form module, call the standard module of the reciprocating pump design project A common drawing subroutine of a component directly starts SolidWorks and automatically draws a 3D solid drawing of a part in its part template.

The drawing module design component draws the form module has a Data data control to establish the connection with the "reciprocating pump database" and has the label frame to reflect the feature size of the component. After selecting the serial number through the Data data control and determining the feature size of a part to be drawn, a three-dimensional solid diagram of a certain part can be automatically drawn in SolidWork - drawing the form interface for the crankshaft.

The report module design to generate data reports is a very important task. Each system contains very important data, but if there is no good way to present to users, the role of this database is not good. The reciprocating pump CAD software data report is a way of presenting data in a print format. The report object is created using the graphical object of the data report designer (Data Report). The design method is briefly described below.

Establishing a link between the data environment designer and the reciprocating pump database First, in the environment of VB6.0, on the "Project" menu, select "More reciprocating pump database". Then the data connection property is set in "Data Connection Provider", and at the same time from the file dialog box, select the database file name to be associated with "DiMy Documents reciprocating pump design reciprocating pump database. Mdb". This establishes a data environment for linking the report with the "reciprocal pump database" as shown.

Set up the data report and the data environment designer in the VB6.0 environment "Project" menu, click "Add DataReport" VB6.0 will add a data report to the project, and set the properties of the DataReport object, so that Connect with the Data Environment Designer named "denv reciprocating pump database" and then use the data environment designer named "denv reciprocating pump database" to design the report.

After the data report shows the data environment and the DataReport object is created, the next step is to write code to display the data report. In the Click event of the submenu of the menu system, write the following code: The overall design method shows the overall design named Overall Design. The integrated data created in this way, the overall design, the fluid cylinder, the pump valve, the plunger, the crankshaft, the connecting rod Nine data reports of the crosshead and the body. The form of the report after the program is running has the functions of scaling, printing, and page number scroll bar selection and display, which meets the needs of users and is a very good data output method.

B. Conclusion The data processing module of the plunger reciprocating pump CAD system is a function database application program that can save the useful data generated by the CAD system design calculation module as a system resource for recall, making the reciprocating pump CAD software very strong. The practical application functions achieve a high degree of automation.

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