Digital Truck Scale Sensor Installation Instructions

Digital Truck Scale Sensor Installation Instructions
The digital truck scale sensor installation instructions are as follows:
1. The mounting surface of the base for mounting the sensor should be flat and clean, without any oil film, film, etc. The mounting base itself should have sufficient strength and rigidity, generally higher than the strength and rigidity of the sensor itself.
2. The load cell should be handled lightly, especially small-capacity sensor made of alloy aluminum to make elastomer, any impact, drop, and its measurement performance may cause great damage. For large-capacity load cells, in general, it has a large self-weight, so it is required to use appropriate lifting equipment (such as chain hoists, electric hoists, etc.) as much as possible during handling and installation.
3. The loading direction of each load cell is determined, and when we use it, we must load the load in this direction. Lateral forces, additional bending moments, and torque forces should be avoided as much as possible.
4. Level adjustment: Level adjustment has two aspects. First, the mounting plane of a single sensor mounting base should be leveled with a spirit level. On the other hand, the mounting surface of the mounting base for multiple sensors should be adjusted to a horizontal plane (quasi-geometry) as far as possible, especially if the number of sensors is more than three. We should pay more attention to this point in the weighing system. The main purpose of doing so is to make the load on each sensor basically consistent.
5, digital truck scale sensors should be set around some "baffle", and even the sensor with a thin metal cover. This prevents impurities from contaminating the sensor and some moving parts. This “staining” tends to make the movable part uncomfortable and affect the weighing accuracy.
6, as far as possible the use of automatic positioning (reset) role of structural accessories, such as ball bearings, joint bearings, positioning fasteners and so on. They can prevent some lateral forces from acting on the sensor. It should be noted that some lateral forces are not caused by mechanical installations, such as lateral forces due to thermal expansion, lateral forces due to wind, and lateral forces caused by the vibration of stirrers on certain vessel-type instruments. This is not caused by mechanical installation. .
7. Some weighing instruments must be attached to the scale body (such as the conveyor scale of the container scale, etc.). We should let them be as soft as possible in the direction of the sensor loading the spindle to prevent them from “eating” the sensor. The real load causes errors.
8. The sensor should be made of a hinged copper wire (cross-sectional area of ​​about 50mm2) to form an electrical bypass to protect them from the harm caused by welding current or lightning strikes.
9, although the load cell has a certain overload capacity, but in the weighing system installation process, should still prevent the sensor from overloading. It should be noted that even a short period of overloading may cause permanent damage to the sensor. In the installation process, if it is absolutely necessary, replace the sensor with a high-level pad such as a sensor, and finally replace the sensor. In normal operation, sensors should generally be provided with mechanical components for overload protection.
10, whether the system has no sports phenomenon, you can use the following methods to determine. That is, the rated load is increased or decreased by about one-thousandth of the rated load on the weighing platform to see if the weighing indicator is reflected and reflected, indicating that the movable part has not been “stained”.
11. If the sensor is fixed with a screw, a certain tightening torque is required, and the screw should have a screw thread depth. In general, the fixed screw uses a high-strength screw.
12. In the use of digital truck scale sensors, strong heat radiation must be avoided, especially one-side strong heat radiation.

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