Dual money 7 tires certified by Smartway

Comprehensive foreign media reported that in recent days, the dual-tire tire truck RLB450 driving wheel tires have passed the US Environmental Protection Agency's Smartway certification .

Dual money 7 tires certified by Smartway
Dual money 7 tires certified by Smartway

It is understood that Double Money is China's first tire company certified by the United States Smartway, in addition to RLB450 tire products, the company also has six tires through the certification, including: RR680, FR605, FD405, fT105, FT125 and FD425.

SmartWay certification is an environmental protection certification conducted by the US Environmental Protection Agency. It is specifically designed for more efficient and energy-saving tires and other automotive accessories.

It is understood that tires certified through SmartWay must meet various rolling resistance indicators to help reduce fuel consumption, reduce fuel consumption, improve air quality, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Strictly speaking, this certification is a voluntary certification and tire manufacturers and sellers need to choose whether they need to comply with Smart Way.

The US Environmental Protection Agency has established a complete information inquiry system. Certified companies will be made public on the Internet. Consumers can find out about tire companies and tire pattern information.

In addition, Smartway does not authorize tire products to print Smartway logos. After certification, Smartway will issue a certificate.

Hydraulic Mount:

widely used in the suspension is divided into three categories,like traditional suspension of pure rubber mount,or Rubber Absorber, as well as Hydraulic Mount or Hydraulic Suspension of better dynamic and static performance.

The shape of rubber parts is not restricted, the stiffness can be chosen freely in a certain range, with spatial spring characteristic, load can withstand multiple directions; using friction damping, can absorb vibration and impact energy is good; and easy to bond metal firmly together, greatly simplified and fixed the supporting structure, so that the overall quality of the suspension reduced; structure has the advantages of simple process, low cost, suitable for mass production; convenient use and maintenance. Because of these advantages, the rubber mounting has widely used in most of the cars.



Pure rubber suspension consists of rubber bushing (or other sulfide pieces) and the bracket, and the hydraulic mount is apart from the main rubber spring, but also the internal filling the special liquid (usually ethylene glycol), the runner plate, decoupling piece, composed of cups and other parts to a certain structure.


Performance requirement:

(1) Good vibration isolation performance, soft requirement in vertical direction;

(2) Larger lateral rigidity and stability of supporting body;

(3) Good durability.


How to design and select good auto suspension:

In the structural design of body mounting device location settings, select the number of points of suspension, determine the characteristics of suspension form and elastic rubber pad, we should consider the following aspects:

(1) The vehicle structure stiffness distribution relationship between the frame and the body and the stiffness of the transfer;

(2) Frame and body assembly connection position accuracy;

(3) The stability of the vibration isolation effect and the exercise of the body;

(4) The frame vibration and vibration;

(5) Suspension rubber pad device in the stress condition and durability;

(6) Stress of the frame.

Hydruaulic Mount

Hydraulic Mount

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