· Europe's prevailing car timeshare ride is about to land in Shenzhen

The car-sharing and shared leasing that is prevalent in Europe is also about to land in Shenzhen. Shenzhen Qianchao Electric Car Rental Co., Ltd. announced yesterday that it has started the construction of a service network in Shenzhen. It is expected that from the end of June, citizens can rent pure electric vehicles on an hourly basis.
It is understood that time-sharing and shared leasing is an emerging car rental model in the car rental industry. It refers to the provision of car-on-demand rental services in hours. Compared with the “day rent” form of ordinary car rental, time-sharing leasing is more suitable for meeting the short-distance travel demand within the city. By allocating a car to different users for different time periods, short-term vehicles and articulated vehicles are encouraged, thus effectively reducing the demand for parking spaces in the central city. It has been calculated that a time-shared car is equivalent to six private cars.
Wang Xiaobo, director of the operation department of Money Chao Company, said that the company started the construction of service network in Shenzhen area since May. "It is planned to deploy about 200 pure electric vehicle service points in the whole city before the end of this year. Each point will arrange 5~7 pure electric vehicles and supporting charging equipment for specific people who hold C-level driving licenses. Borrowing cars, returning to other places. The service points will be mainly located in large passenger transportation hubs, key business districts, etc. More than 20 locations have been identified, including Shenzhen Airport, Huanggang Port, Shenzhen North Station, Dongmen Old Street, etc. It is pointed out that time-sharing leasing will give better play to the advantages of low-emission, low-cost use of electric vehicles and overcome the shortcomings of short cruising range. The company's farther goal is to establish a “perpetual service network with a radius of 500 kilometers” centered on Shenzhen. Each interval is 2 to 5 kilometers, that is, 1 network outlet is set up. It is estimated that the number of outlets in the city will reach 500 or more.
Wang Xiaobo also pointed out that time-sharing leasing will also significantly reduce the cost of travel for users. The money boom pure electric car rental service fee is 20 yuan for the first hour, and the renewal fee is 6 yuan per hour. He gave a typical car scenario: the public from the Futian hub to the Shenzhen North Railway Station to take the high-speed rail, taxis need at least 40 to 50 yuan, ordinary car rental because the daily billing needs more than 100 yuan, and in the time-sharing mode, 20 yuan can meet the travel needs.
The reporter learned that the money boom pure electric car timeshare rental plan was officially opened to the public in late June. When the citizens have rental demand, they can check the service information of nearby service outlets and vehicles to be rented through the mobile APP, and submit information such as pick-up location and usage time. The platform will quickly feedback whether the reservation is successful. After successful, you can go to the nearby outlets according to the agreement. Drive away.
It is reported that the pure electric vehicles provided by the money boom are mainly JAC and Yue IEV4, and there are also a small number of Tesla models. Considering the battery life of pure electric vehicles, China's Beidou satellite positioning and navigation system will be pre-installed on all electric vehicles. Once the vehicle's driving range is less than 20 kilometers, the vehicle will start the mandatory navigation function and navigate the vehicle to the nearest service point. . The public can change the car within 30 seconds to continue driving.
It is worth mentioning that the reporter learned that as an effective means of reducing urban motor vehicle pollution and relieving congestion, pure electric vehicles are leased on time and are "testing water" in many parts of the country. Beijing's pure electric vehicle time-sharing mode was launched on April 29, and plans to deploy 50 service outlets in the fourth ring. At present, more than 2,000 new energy vehicles have officially been leased, and plans to develop to 5,000 vehicles by 2016. Shanghai's electric vehicle time-share rental service will be promoted throughout the city after the completion of the pilot in Jiading District. It is expected that by the end of the year, the number of rental outlets will exceed 300, and the number of operating electric vehicles will be expanded to 3,000.

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