Green exploration, the best choice for environmental protection and resource security

Recently, the Ministry of Land and Resources held a special training course on “Advanced Experiences and Practices for Green Exploration” at the National Geological Exploration Management Training Course held in Beijing, and invited relevant personnel to conduct green explorations in terms of concepts, systems, techniques and methods. Introduced.

Yang Shangbing, deputy director of the Department of Land and Resources Geological Exploration, who presided over the meeting, gave a wonderful comment on the report of each speaker. He said that as an important part of the development of green mining, green exploration is a concrete practice of the geological prospecting industry actively integrating into the construction of ecological civilization. The geological prospecting industry should establish a new concept of green exploration, strengthen the research and promotion of advanced applicable technologies, establish 100 green exploration project demonstrations as soon as possible, and form a number of new models, new mechanisms and new systems for green exploration that can be replicated and promoted throughout the country. The report of the lecturer's lecturer has been compiled and published in order to create a green exploration atmosphere and jointly promote green exploration.

Green exploration - sustainable exploration of mineral exploration

Speaker: Xue Yingxi, Executive Deputy Director, Mineral Exploration Technical Guidance Center, Ministry of Land and Resources

The contradiction between environmental protection and resource security has become increasingly prominent. On the one hand, it is the ecological and environmental problems brought about by the exploration and development of mineral resources and extensive utilization; on the other hand, economic and social development cannot be separated from the continuous use of mineral resources, and green exploration is undoubtedly the only choice for solving the dilemma.

The prospecting and breakthrough strategic action actively integrates into the construction of ecological civilization, and vigorously advocates and promotes green exploration. Since the implementation of the mine-seeking breakthrough strategic action, while achieving major results in prospecting, it has taken solid steps in rooting green exploration concepts and promoting green exploration.

Colorful fully equipped exploration area in Qinghai Province is an important copper-base metal exploration, the cumulative mineralization discovered at more than 40, the cumulative amount of lead zinc copper resources submit 2.2144 million tons. The copper-polymetallic mine in Chayong area has made a major breakthrough in the search for copper-rich ore. The copper, lead and zinc prospective resources are 1 million tons, which is listed as the No. 1 project of Qinghai Province. The Qinghai Nonferrous Metals Exploration Bureau took the lead in promoting green exploration in the colorful assembly survey area, gradually forming a set of institutional measures and summarizing a good set of experience. The specific examples of green exploration in Qinghai Province show that mineral resources exploration and development and ecological environmental protection are consistent, coordinated and promoted, rather than being isolated and opposed, and the two can achieve a win-win situation. As the “leader” of the mineral exploration and development industry in Guizhou Province, Southwest Energy Group has taken the lead in formulating a set of enterprise standards nationwide. The Chengdu Exploration Institute has developed a new technology for green exploration, which uses “one-base porous and one-hole multi-support” to reduce the relocation of machines and equipment.

Scientific deployment and advancement of green exploration. The first is to optimize the exploration area. The Technical Guidance Center of the Ministry of Land and Resources requires that the whole-scale exploration and mining area projects currently and to be organized and implemented should be completely withdrawn from various ecological protection areas, and the exploration focus will be tilted towards large-scale energy resource bases, especially in the near future, with breakthroughs in resource potential. Energy resource base; the regional slope with good prospecting prospects proved to the preliminary geological work of the China Geological Survey; it is necessary to revolve around the mineral resources exploration and development base and deepen the resources to gradually develop the mineral resources exploitation capacity as deep as 2000 meters. It has a complete set of technical capabilities for the exploration of mineral resources as deep as 3,000 meters, and reserves a batch of 5,000-meter-depth resource exploration frontier technology. The second is to focus on key minerals, focusing on large-scale pillar minerals, scarce minerals and emerging strategic minerals, and increase exploration of important minerals and surrounding supporting minerals in large energy resource bases. The third is to strengthen comprehensive exploration, pay more attention to the comprehensive exploration and evaluation of large-scale sedimentary basin resources, pay more attention to comprehensive evaluation of geological, technical, economic, environmental and social benefits, avoid blindly increase the degree of exploration, reduce the backlog of reserves, and increase the gold content of prospecting results. Minimize disturbances to the environment.

Promote green exploration with technological innovation. Practically improve the level of theory and method for prospecting, improve forecasting ability and predict the accuracy of the target area, improve the efficiency and efficiency of physical workload, and avoid the use of ineffective workload to the maximum; promote new technologies and new technologies for green exploration through research and development Methods, new equipment and new processes to minimize environmental impact or disturbances.

Take project management as a starting point and promote green exploration. Green exploration requirements are reflected in various aspects such as project deployment, project approval, contract, budget, technical requirements, design, organization and implementation, field construction, quality inspection, field acceptance, results report submission, and fund summary.

Promote the concept of green exploration and win support from all walks of life. Make full use of newspapers, television, internet and other media to carry out propaganda activities, timely report on the advanced deeds and typical experiences of national green exploration, guide the majority of mining rights holders and exploration units to consciously promote green exploration, and call on all sectors of society to fully understand and trust green exploration.

The ecological and environmental protection requirements are forming a huge driving force for the transformation and upgrading of mineral exploration, which is enough to make up for the short-term environmental impact of the mineral exploration work, so that it can truly embark on the road of mineral exploration and sustainable development - green exploration.

Sum up and improve - play a leading role in demonstration

Speaker: China Mining News reporter Wang Qiongjie

As a new concept, green exploration is a profound change related to the future of the geological exploration industry. Since the second half of 2015, it has been established and gradually promoted throughout the country under the strong advocacy and promotion of the Department of Land and Resources of the Ministry of Land and Resources. At present, the green exploration has become a business card in the geological exploration industry, which leads the geological exploration industry to a new era.

Green exploration is a political need, a need for the development of green mining, a need for the survival and development of geological exploration units, and a vivid and concrete practice of the concept of green development in the mining industry. The Implementation Opinions on Accelerating the Construction of Green Mines jointly issued by the Ministry of Land and Resources and other six ministries and commissions pointed out that by 2020, a new pattern of green mine construction will be basically formed, and 100 green exploration projects will be implemented to build more than 50 green mining development demonstration zones. Form a new model, new mechanism, and new system that can be replicated and promoted. We will improve the standard system for green exploration and green mine construction, improve the supporting incentive policy system, and build a long-term mechanism for green mining development. This is also the first request and goal for green exploration at the national level.

The central government’s special requirements for ecological protection in Qinghai Province and the establishment of a major strategy for “environmental provinces” in Qinghai Province, especially the “Eco-protection first and respect for the will of the people” in Qinghai’s geological prospecting work in 2013, for the Qinghai Province The survey work pointed out the direction and provided an opportunity for the birth of the green survey. At the same time, with the continuous advancement of ecological environmental protection work, the external environmental problems related to ecological environmental protection have become increasingly prominent, and this situation has forced the “reconstruction and upgrading” of the exploration work.

The Huangguoshu (Huangnan, Guoluo and Yushu) in Qingnan Province of Qinghai Province integrates ethnic areas, plateau areas and ecologically fragile areas. The environmental protection pressure is high and the external environment is poor. The colorful ground surveying bureau of Qinghai Province is the only one of the three national-level self-contained exploration areas in Qingnan, and the prospecting results are very good. At the end of August 2015, the reporter went to Qinghai Province to “go to the grassroots level”. After discovering the green exploration typical of the colorful self-contained exploration area in the exchange with the director of the bureau, Yang Station, he seized the theme of green harmonious exploration and wrote The article "Let the Colors Be More Wonderful - The Qinghai Province Nonferrous Metals Exploration Bureau Harmony Green Exploration Documentary" was published on the website of the China Mining News and the Ministry of Land and Resources, which attracted the attention of the main leaders of the Ministry of Land and Resources. The special investigation report of the Geological Survey Department was affirmed and approved by the leaders of the Ministry of Land and Resources. The green survey was officially included in one of the important tasks by the Geological Survey and began to be promoted nationwide.

The Department of Land and Resources of Qinghai Province attaches great importance to it. At the National Land Resources Work Conference at the end of 2015, Lin Yasong, the director of the department, raised the green exploration to a higher level and proposed to promote accurate poverty alleviation work with green exploration. At the Qinghai Provincial Green Exploration Seminar at the end of 2016, Li Zhiyong, deputy director of the department, requested that, on the basis of summing up the experience of upgrading the green exploration demonstration project, strengthen the system construction and continue to explore new technologies, new methods and new equipment for green exploration. Form a mature set of green exploration theories, methods, systems and standards in 2 to 3 years.

The green survey was born in Qinghai and is the result of the interaction between subjective and objective reasons. The initiative of the Qinghai Provincial Non-ferrous Geophysical Prospecting Agency has given new meaning to the traditional mineral exploration, which is the main reason. The objective and special working environment and the special requirements of the central government have given birth to their advanced ideas.

The leaders of the Geological Survey Department of the Ministry of Land and Resources attached great importance to the green exploration, and held special meetings for research. They requested to track the green exploration of the Nonferrous Metals Exploration Bureau of Qinghai Province, and at the same time discover and explore more new models and summarize them. Promote and form an experience that can be replicated and promoted. The Geological Survey Department of the Ministry of Land and Resources also specifically listed the green exploration as a special project. The Qinghai Provincial Non-ferrous Geophysical Survey Bureau was the main example, and a green exploration feature film was produced. The China Mining News Agency was commissioned to compile the book “Green Exploration Exploration and Practice”.

Green surveys are now under way across the country. Qinghai Province has been fully implemented, and the Southwest Energy Mine has set standards. The Hubei Provincial Department of Land and Resources has earmarked funds to commission the Hubei Mining Association to carry out green exploration research. Zhang Xingliao, deputy director of the Henan Provincial Department of Land and Resources, organized a geological survey and chief engineer units throughout the survey to learn Qinghai Province, coal bed methane exploration fields in Henan Province geological Bureau in Shanxi Province green survey explored new ways, Xinjiang, Qinghai, Gansu has also repeatedly carried out to study the exchange.

The core of green exploration is innovation in ideas, and the key is in technical equipment. In the specific implementation of colorful projects, Qinghai Province Non-ferrous Geophysical Survey Bureau makes full use of advanced technology and uses a porous, one-hole multi-drilling process to minimize the number of moving platforms, and replaces trenching with drilling to reduce the amount of excavation on the surface. Use environmentally friendly and pollution-free mud to reduce the impact on the environment, and re-green the used roads and machines, and restore the original appearance even better than the original. At present, the Qinghai Provincial Non-ferrous Geophysical Survey Bureau has also implemented advanced technologies for green exploration in the implementation of other projects such as Dulan. In the exploration of the Zoige uranium mine, the Sichuan Nuclear Industry Geology Bureau used the hoisting machine to reduce the damage to the vegetation. After the construction, the grass was replanted in time and achieved good results. Chengdu Exploration Technology Institute actively carried out technological innovation around green exploration. The research and development of a porous, one-hole multi-support and air shallow-hole hammer core-and-tube drilling technology was successfully tested and started in Qinghai Province. The Geological Team of Henan Coal Geology Bureau upgraded its ability to compete as an industry model in green exploration. In May 2017, the team invested more than 12 million yuan to purchase oil SJ-40 drilling rigs for coalbed methane exploration and construction in Lishui County. The drilling rig was constructed in the green trees of Bifeng Mountain, and the construction concept of green exploration was throughout the construction of the project.

Green exploration is going to go further and better. First, we must innovate ideas and start small. It is necessary to firmly establish the concept of green development, and to eliminate the idea that geological exploration has little disturbance to the ecological environment without having to conduct green exploration; it is necessary to have a long-term vision and calculate the economic account and development account. The second is to carry out innovative technologies and achieve breakthroughs in process equipment. Jinshi Hengtai (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. sells the Canadian “Mandibao” modular full hydraulic portable series drilling rig. The smallest drilling rig MP60 can drill up to 120 meters and the module weighs only 69 kilograms. At the just-concluded 2017 International Mining Conference, the rig was well received. The third is to carry out the top-level design and provide an effective system supply. It is necessary to establish a sound standard system as soon as possible, strengthen the supply of the system, and provide support from the system and policy.

Realize coordinated development of mineral exploration and ecological protection

Speaker: Li Zhiyong, Deputy Director of the Department of Land and Resources of Qinghai Province

The exploration and development of mineral resources is an important support for the economic and social development of Qinghai Province. Strengthening the exploration and development of mineral resources and providing reliable resource guarantee for the sustainable development of the province is still an important task of geological exploration in Qinghai Province. Promoting the green exploration and development of mineral resources is an important measure to implement ecological civilization construction. It is not only the national development strategy but also the objective needs of ecological environmental protection. It is also the realistic need for mineral exploration and development under the new normal. It is to coordinate and coordinate mineral resources exploration. An effective way to achieve "win-win" development and environmental protection.

Main practices: First, optimize and adjust the deployment of geological and mineral exploration work. In the overall layout, the original “Sanjiangyuan” area and the Qilian Mountain area were transferred to the Qaidam Basin and its surrounding areas of the North Qaidam, East Kunlun and Altun. In the work deployment, it is clear that the Haixi area is mainly engaged in the exploration and development of mineral resources, and the Sanjiangyuan and Qilianshan areas are mainly based on the survey and evaluation of basic and public welfare geological minerals, hydrogeological and ecological environmental geological surveys, and the strengthening of agriculture in Xining and Haidong areas. Geology, urban geology, and people's geological work. In the exploration of minerals, closely focus on the needs of economic and social development, focusing on oil, natural gas , non-ferrous metals, precious metals, potash , uranium, and tri-rare minerals, which are in short supply in the market and have great potential for prospecting, etc. Energy minerals, emerging materials, minerals, mineral water, etc. In the project arrangement, the government will actively connect with the local government, and focus on the areas where the ecological environment is suitable, the people understand the support, and the local government actively cooperates. At the same time, in the process of project arrangement, the local people and the opinions of the county, township and village are fully sought. The second is to promote the coordinated development of geological work and ecological environmental protection with green exploration. In 2016, the Ministry of Land and Resources of Qinghai Province organized the “Green Exploration and Development Year” activities, arranged 10 green exploration demonstration projects of Qinghai Province, and simultaneously carried out special research on green exploration, summing up and improving some of the geological exploration work in recent years. Experience and practice, explore the establishment of green exploration work management system and related work requirements, explore the application of new technologies, new methods and new equipment for green exploration. In 2017, the Qinghai Provincial Geological Prospecting Fund Project fully implemented the green exploration work, and selected 8 state-owned enterprises and institutions such as Qinghai Yellow River Mining Co., Ltd. to carry out the green exploration of commercial exploration rights. The exploration rights management contract was revised to incorporate the content of green exploration into contract management. The third is to classify and dispose of geological exploration projects and mining rights involving nature reserves. There are 85 mining rights in the nature reserve of Qinghai Province, and all the 24 geological exploration projects involving the nature reserve are completed and the exploration rights are cancelled. For the 51 exploration rights and 10 mining rights involving social contribution, all The exploration and development activities will be stopped, and in accordance with the principle of respecting history and being orderly and orderly, it will be disposed of in a manner that is legally regulated and classified, and gradually withdraw from the nature reserve. The resettlement fund project setting and commercial mining rights of Qinghai Province in Sanjiangyuan, Qilian Mountain and other nature reserves were completely stopped. The fourth is the initial establishment of a green exploration system. The “Interim Measures for the Management of Green Exploration in Qinghai Province” was formulated, which clarified the green exploration responsibilities of the provincial, state and county land and resources management departments and geological exploration units, and refined the planning of geological exploration planning, the establishment of geological exploration projects, design review, and organization. The green exploration requirements for the implementation, supervision and management of the whole process provide a basis for the green exploration management of the geological exploration project in Qinghai Province.

The main results achieved: First, the concept of green exploration is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Through the publicity, training and related projects of green exploration in recent years, the geological exploration units and project teams have effectively promoted the awareness of the importance of green exploration, enhanced people's awareness of green exploration, and strengthened the concept of green exploration. Second, the green exploration management system was initially formed. All local survey units in Qinghai Province have established management systems from the bureau to the team (institution) and project team, and implemented the green exploration work responsibilities, ensuring that the relevant requirements of the green exploration work can be implemented to each of the geological exploration projects. Linkages, so that the disturbance and impact of the survey work on the ecological environment is under control. The third is to promote the improvement of the external environment of geological survey work. The local surveying units actively created a harmonious atmosphere of national unity and common development, and eliminated the concerns of local people with factual results. For example, the colorful self-contained exploration area has obtained the trust and support of the local grassroots government and herdsmen through measures such as turf recovery and garbage management.

A few suggestions: First, the green exploration top design needs to be strengthened. It is necessary to formulate geological exploration work specifications for achieving environmental protection requirements and to formulate corresponding budget standards. Second, the green exploration construction equipment and process research needs to be strengthened. It is necessary to continue scientific research and improve engineering construction equipment and processes to meet the ever-increasing environmental protection requirements.

Practice has proved that as long as the ecological protection priority is adhered to and the green development concept is implemented, the coordinated promotion of ecological environmental protection and mineral resources exploration and development is achievable. In the future work, we will gradually promote the exploration and development of mineral resources with ecological environment protection. Mineral resources exploration and development to achieve a higher level of ecological environmental protection, to achieve coordinated development of mineral resources exploration and development and ecological environmental protection.

Follow the new situation and follow the road of green exploration and development

Speaker: Zhou Gang, Director of the Bureau of Geology and Mineral Exploration and Development, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region

Xinjiang has a total area of ​​1,664,900 square kilometers, except for nature reserves and desert areas of 430,400 square kilometers, and the area for exploration and development of solid minerals is less than 400,000 square kilometers. There are two basins in Sanshan, Xinjiang, and the ecological environment is fragile. The important metallogenic belts are mostly distributed in protected areas and functional areas.

The green exploration has achieved institutionalization, and the environmental management has been implemented in various aspects such as planning and deployment, project establishment, design review, organization and implementation, supervision and management, and end-of-year assessment, strengthening process supervision; establishing environmental factor identification and evaluation system, environmental inspection and assessment. Management measures, environmental pollution accident management system, environmental emergency management system, etc.; implement the responsibility system of environmental and environmental protection work with the same responsibility of the party and government, double responsibility and dereliction of duty; implement “who is in charge, who is responsible, who destroys, who repairs” Strengthen the concept of innovation, incorporate green development and other content into the education and training of cadres and workers, increase publicity, guide them to establish a green development concept, and consciously raise the green exploration to a principled height.

At the same time, there are clear requirements in terms of station selection, field operations, and field driving. In the construction, try to use shallow drilling instead of trenching and stripping engineering; try to excavate as much as possible to reduce the excavation area; after the sampling is completed, backfill all the trenches in time to recover the grass seeds. During drilling construction, detachable drilling rigs, high-pressure water supply systems, manual handling, etc. are used to reduce the damage of forest farms and pastures; anti-seepage fabrics are laid at the bottom of the mud pools, and buried in the arid area after construction, and the vegetation needs to pass through water pipes or Other areas that lead to no surface water and vegetation are treated harmlessly; PVC anti-seepage cloth is laid in areas where oil and slurry are likely to fall; new drilling equipment is used to reduce waste liquid discharge; after drilling work, the drilling machine The platform is leveled and restored, and the garbage is handled well, so that “people are clear”.

Suggestions: First, geological exploration units must actively adapt to the new requirements of ecological civilization construction, actively take measures to adhere to the path of green exploration; second, introduce relevant standards and norms for green exploration and development as soon as possible, and establish a sound department coordination coordination mechanism to ensure The information on the addition, adjustment, management requirements and mining rights of nature reserves is shared; the third is to increase the ecological protection and restore the budgetary expenses according to the increase of exploration costs; the fourth is to actively promote advanced concepts, technical equipment and green exploration. Development work experience; Fifth, train relevant professionals as soon as possible, participate in environmental risk assessment of field projects, and supervise environmental protection work in field projects.

Create a green exploration benchmark mining company

Speaker: Hou Junfu, Chief Geologist, Chinalco Tibet Mining Co., Ltd.

Chinalco actively responded to the call of the state, and for the first time implemented a new mode of ministry-provincial-enterprise cooperation, investing in the exploration of Tibet Duolong's self-contained exploration area. “New model, new guarantee, new mechanism, new concept” promoted prospecting and exploration A major breakthrough.

With the goal of establishing and implementing a new exploration model, new mechanism, new method and new system with minimal disturbance to the ecological environment, Chinalco firmly established and practiced the concept of green exploration and formed a new thinking of “ideal innovation and technological means innovation”. With the new system, the concept of green exploration always runs through the whole process of “project-design-construction-finished final accounts”. Based on the exploration and development of mineral resources, it is beneficial to the development of the country, enterprises and local economy.

In the project-design stage, it is estimated that the impact and destruction of the project on the environment of the tenement area will be well-informed and a letter of responsibility for environmental protection objectives will be signed. In the construction phase, real-time supervision and regular re-inspection shall take effective measures for the recovery and treatment of adverse effects and damages during the exploration or development process. The construction units are strictly required to adopt green environmental protection materials, and the original landforms will be restored after the completion of construction. In the final accounting stage, the final accounts are not completed before the requirements are met, and a work quality guarantee system is established.

Establish construction boundary, minimize the impact on the environment; optimize the roads in the mining area to ensure the least impact on the mining environment; use environmental pollution materials and environmental isolation treatment measures; scientific site selection, construction of mining bases in areas with less environmental impact; Establish long-term landfill, production and living management systems; actively explore vegetation restoration programs and experiments, find suitable forage resources for local cultivation, actively carry out grassland reclamation; organize and conduct exploration according to the principles of green mining and harmonious development; select Tibetan cadres to be responsible Coordinating community relations and achieving harmonious development of enterprises, communities and the environment.

In the future, we must conscientiously do the following: First, we must learn from the "colorful model" to achieve green mining and harmonious development. Chinalco Tibet Mining Co., Ltd. will earnestly fulfill its social responsibilities and establish and realize new concepts, new methods and new models for green mining and harmonious development. The second is to establish a green exploration system to institutionalize and normalize green exploration. Starting from the system construction, we are committed to establishing and perfecting a new set of green exploration regulations and new systems, and strengthening corporate culture. The third is to set up special funds for innovation in green exploration methods. The company will set up special funds to support green exploration technology innovation and research and development, implementation of energy conservation and emission reduction measures for mining areas, land reclamation in mining areas, and maintaining harmony and stability in community relations.

Establish a green exploration standard system

Speaker: Wang Lin, Deputy General Manager of Southwest Energy Group

The green exploration of resources is the premise and basis for the construction of eco-friendly green energy mines. In 2015, Southwest Energy Mining Group proposed the development direction of the three types of energy mines: “Environmental protection green energy mine, science and technology innovation smart energy mine, capital operation type financial energy mine”. In March 2016, Southwest Energy Mining Group selected 7 of the 50 exploration projects being carried out for the exploration and demonstration of green exploration, aiming to explore the working path, content and method of a green exploration, and standardize the exploration process. Environmental protection behavior, forming four standards of standards, quotas, management methods and recommendations. At the same time as the demonstration project was carried out, the Southwest Energy Group established an expert group consisting of backbone forces in geology, engineering, drilling, environmental protection and budgeting to fully discuss and guide the implementation process and standard preparation of the green exploration. In February 2017, Southwest Energy Mining Group held a green exploration start-up meeting, issued a series of green exploration series documents such as “Technical Standards for Green Exploration of Solid Minerals”, and announced that all exploration projects of Southwest Energy Mining Group fully implemented green exploration in accordance with standard requirements.

The standard fully reflects the four concepts of “Green, Harmony, Efficient, and Legal” in the green exploration of the Southwest Energy Group. It requires that the exploration work should respect the nature and work according to local conditions. The standard covers the whole process and all means of mineral exploration, and has made targeted technical requirements for various exploration methods. The goal is to achieve “less damage, less pollution and ecological restoration” to the environment.

To carry out green exploration, it is necessary to obtain coordinated support from government departments to further improve standards and management systems.

Form local standards and introduce wisdom surveys. It is recommended to modify the specifications, and incorporate the contents of the green exploration into the General Rules for Geological Exploration of Solid Minerals. Add the content and requirements of the green exploration in the sections of the exploration area, such as geology, mining technical conditions, comprehensive evaluation, engineering layout, construction principles, and degree of control. Incorporate the contents of the green exploration into the Outline of the Implementation Plan for the Exploration of Mineral Resources Exploration, and increase the relevant content, maps and schedules of the green exploration in the introduction, the geological conditions of the exploration area, the main working methods and technical requirements, the budget and the expected results. Etc. Incorporate the requirements for green exploration into the Outline of the Compilation of Solid Mineral Geological Exploration Report, and add green exploration related content in the purpose and task of exploration, the location of the survey work area, transportation, the current work situation, environmental geology, quality review and conclusion of the survey project. Revise the quota, increase the budget standard for green exploration related inputs, and start with the national project; strengthen the coordination of relevant departments, and establish uniform regulations for the departments of environmental protection, forestry, water conservancy, agriculture, etc. Giving funds, mining rights, tax incentives, etc. Policy support.

Promote green exploration with "one-substrate" technology

Speaker: Wu Jinsheng, Director of Exploration Technology Research Office, Institute of Exploration Technology, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences

The Zoige carbon-silica mudstone-type uranium mine is one of the four basic types of uranium ore fields in China. It is located in the Tibetan Plateau of northwestern Sichuan, with fragile ecology, steep mountain slopes and short construction period. The Exploration Technology Research Institute carried out the application demonstration of comprehensive drilling technology in the plateau ecological environment fragile area, and adopted the “one-base porous, one-hole multi-support” directional technology to reduce relocation, protect ecology and improve efficiency.

Directional drilling technology is a mature and advanced technology, but it is rarely used in geological prospecting in the extremely complex western region, and there is not much experience to learn from. The Zoige uranium mine successfully achieved the “one-base porous, one-hole multi-support” green exploration target, including directional drilling 3 times, branch holes 2, slanting drilling 2 times, and side drilling 3 times.

The Zoige area is a high-steep structure. The strata are limestone, carbonaceous slate and fault-fracture zones. The layers are frequent, the layers are soft and hard, the anisotropy is significant, and the leakage is severe. In the past three years, the Institute of Prospecting Technology has successfully implemented the “one-base porous, one-hole multi-support” directional construction in the extremely complex formation of the Zoige uranium mine using various advanced technologies. The breakthrough of Zoige's controlled directional technology has provided new ideas for the construction of bad sites in the alpine region, and has played a role in demonstration and promotion in the western plateau.

In recent years, the Institute of Exploration Technology has carried out the application demonstration of comprehensive drilling technology in the plateau ecological environment fragile area, and undertaken the construction of five scientific group drills in the complex stratum of the Wenchuan earthquake fault zone. It has accumulated some experience and lessons, and has been the shale gas investigation well. Green drilling and deep hole drilling technology services are provided in oil and gas survey wells, Yangshan gold mines, and Henan Neixiang copper mines.

The implementation of green exploration, technology is the guarantee. Existing technologies can solve some problems, but they are still immature. They also need to integrate innovation, demonstration and promotion, and need to explore new technologies, new methods and new processes. The concept and awareness of green exploration need to be strengthened. The lack of a unified level in green exploration High norms and standards also lack policy support such as access conditions and funding.

The ecological environment protection of unity, standardity, innovation and local characteristics tests the vitality and effectiveness of green exploration work. It should carry out scientific research and achievement integration innovation, upgrade exploration methods, form green drilling technology system, and use the most advanced work. Means and equipment to reduce damage to the ecological environment; carry out propaganda and education, establish a "green exploration" concept in the geological exploration industry, gradually strengthen the environmental protection awareness of practitioners; speed up the formulation of green exploration specifications, standards and quotas, and increase green exploration Funding and policy support.

Drilling at a small angle to promote green exploration

Speaker: Liu Xiangxu, Engineer, Heilongjiang Provincial Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources

The investment in geotechnical exploration in Heilongjiang Province has grown against the trend. In the past three years, a total investment of 2.5 billion yuan has been invested. However, large-scale surface engineering has brought disturbance to the ecological environment of the forest area. The contradiction between trenching construction and forestland protection is prominent, accounting for the land occupation. The long-term approval process has seriously affected the progress of geological exploration. The trenching project cannot achieve geological purposes in some areas. The trenching cannot be constructed in farmland and low-lying areas. The trenching cannot be exposed in some thick areas with residual slopes. Rock, can not reach the prospecting effect.

In September 2014, Heilongjiang Province proposed a small angle drilling instead of trenching. In June 2015, the Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources of Heilongjiang Province invested its own funds to conduct research on green exploration methods, and the project “Application of Drilling instead of Groove Exploration Techniques” was established. In December 2016, the Heilongjiang Institute of Geological Sciences completed the development of a steel core drilling machine, and systematically summarized a new green method for drilling instead of trenching. In June 2017, small-angle drilling instead of troughing achieved small-scale promotion in Heilongjiang Province, and the prospecting effect and environmental benefits were highlighted. On September 8, 2017, the Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources of Heilongjiang Province held a live seminar on new technologies and methods for green prospecting in Xinlin District to further promote the promotion of new technologies and methods for green exploration. The meeting held that small-angle drilling can be used as a new method for green exploration. It can not only replace trenching, but also solve the problem of difficult questioning that cannot be solved by trenching. It is an innovation of green exploration in Heilongjiang Province.

Small-angle drilling can be used instead of trenching for the anomaly verification of deep coverage areas and trenches that cannot be constructed, to solve the deep extension of surface ore bodies, and the deep ore body control of near-upright ore bodies. In the next step, Heilongjiang Province will promote the small-angle drilling budget quota through the small-scale promotion of multiple sets and multi-work areas, and further improve the small-angle drilling technical standards, and research and improve the drilling process of small-angle drilling.

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