Guangxi chemical environment "zero investment protection" is expected to change

Pushing ring insurance to crack down on difficult compensation

The pollution of the high-risk industries such as chemical industry has always been the concern of the community. With the increasing emphasis on the people’s livelihood, the issue of compensation for pollution accidents in high-risk industries has become a new topic of widespread concern in society. For some enterprises that cause major pollution accidents, they often go bankrupt due to their inability to pay compensation. However, the victims and the ecological environment can only bear the loss of the government and society. Recently, the Environmental Protection Department of Guangxi Autonomous Region and the Guangxi Insurance Regulatory Agency jointly launched the environment. Pollution liability insurance has opened up a path for insurance companies that have experienced environmental pollution accidents and properly solved the problem of compensation. At present, a group of companies have already signed up.

Environmental liability insurance is also called “green insurance”. It is an insurance that focuses on the risk of environmental pollution, and that the insured person’s liability for damages caused to the third party through pollution accidents such as polluted water, land, or air, etc., shall be the subject of compensation. Up to now, China's Ministry of Environmental Protection and the China Insurance Regulatory Commission have started pilot projects in provinces and cities such as Hunan, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Chongqing and Shenzhen.

In recent years, with the rapid development of the chemical industry in Guangxi, the pollution problems of some enterprises are also worrying. Environmental pollution cases supervised by the Environmental Protection Agency of the Guangxi Autonomous Region, chemical and heavy metal companies are the focus of supervision. For this reason, insurance companies in Guangxi and other places have also developed a number of environmental protection insurance products. For example, Ping An Property Insurance has environmental pollution liability insurance, Huatai Property Insurance has local pollution liability insurance, and PICC Property & Casualty has a high-tech enterprise environmental pollution liability. Insurance, Pacific Property Insurance, Hazardous Chemical Safety Liability Insurance, etc. However, the enthusiasm of the relevant enterprises in Guangxi to purchase environmental pollution insurance is not high. Before the insurance companies of these types of insurance companies suffered a “zero investment protection”.

In order to change this situation as soon as possible, the Guangxi Autonomous Regional Department of Environmental Protection and the China Insurance Regulatory Commission recently issued a document to determine the implementation plan of the environmental pollution liability insurance, requiring the gradual implementation of Guangxi's environmental liability insurance, so that companies with high environmental pollution are insured against environmental pollution liability insurance. . The first step, before September 30 of this year, involved in heavy metal companies, lead-acid battery industry and lead recycling industry must be insured against environmental pollution liability insurance. In the second step, key enterprises located in key areas and production companies with high environmental risks must be insured against environmental pollution liability insurance. The third step is to conduct large-scale investigations of potential safety hazards in high-level environmental pollution companies such as chemical industry, heavy metal smelting, non-ferrous metal mining, and along rivers along rivers. Enterprises that have hidden environmental risks are listed as pollution liability insurance. The target must be insured against environmental pollution liability insurance before June 30, 2012, and finally achieve full coverage of environmental liability insurance. Up to now, Huaxi Group and other companies have spent more than 1 million yuan to purchase the environmental protection liability insurance with an insured amount of 48 million. Other companies also do a good job in signing the contract.

The person in charge of the Property Insurance Supervision Department of the Guangxi Insurance Regulatory Bureau stated that the significance of the company’s purchase of environmental liability insurance is not only due to compensation after a problem. After all, pollution incidents occurred, regardless of the environment, nearby residents, or businesses. Lost." Secondly, the insurance industry has professional risk prevention experts. After the enterprises apply for insurance, the experts will intervene early to point out and help companies eliminate environmental protection risk points so that they can take preventive measures.

The reporter learned that among the more than 70 member companies of the Guangxi Phosphorus Chemical Industry Association, no enterprise has yet purchased the insurance. The secretary-general of the association, Huang, believes that China's current determination of environmental responsibility is still “cannot be followed”. In addition to the requirements of the legal system, the liability insurance business also faces many challenges, such as the formulation of product terms based on past litigation cases, and the determination of the rates based on past actual losses. Compared with general liability insurance, the risks faced by environmental pollution liability insurance are more special: First, the identification and quantification of risks are difficult and technical difficulties are great; second, the damage caused by pollution is huge.

In the interview, the reporter resolved that many companies misunderstood that the environmental pollution liability insurance is to allow those polluting enterprises to insure the insurance company. In the event of an environmental pollution accident, the insurance company will make compensation. However, in fact, with the environmental pollution liability insurance, it does not mean that companies can be confident to boldly contaminate. Because the charges for environmental insurance are directly proportional to the degree of pollution in the company, if the risk of a company's pollution accident is very high, then high premiums will overwhelm the company. “Environmental liability insurance should pass the initiative of the company, the insurance company’s market participation behavior, and the government’s promotion behavior, together with legal protection activities, may be effective,” said Huang Secretary-General.

ALFA LAVAL Plate Heat Exchanger

Alfa Laval Heat Exchanger

Double-Wall Plate Heat ExchangerGasketed plate heat exchangers (PHE) meets almost all of heat transfer requirements. They are highly flexible with a wide range of models. Connection sizes range from 1″ to 16″. Plate materials are available in a wide variety such as stainless steel 316, 304 and titanium. Other alloys for corrosive applications such as Hastelloy, Nickel and monel are also available.

A flat Plate Heat Exchanger transfers heat between two different fluids using metal plates to separate the fluids. The fluids move between the gaps in the plates. The plates are corrugated in a chevron pattern causing high turbulence in the fluids. The high turbulence and high surface area of the plates results in a higher efficiency of heat transfer than conventional shell and tube heat exchangers.

Advantages of Plate Heat Exchangers:

Because the flow pattern causes high turbulence of the fluids through alternate channels – this results in a higher heat transfer rate allowing for a more compact design reducing material cost since the heat transfer surface requirement is much lower than a conventional heat exchanger.
High turbulence results in less fouling – therefore less down time for maintenance.
Easily add capacity as expansion is required by adding plates to the heat exchanger.
Can be opened without disturbing the piping.
Closer temperature approaches of up to 2°F maximizes heat recovery for a wide variety of applications.
Minimal space required for opening or closing the heat exchanger allows for easy maintenance.
Ideal for mounting on a skid.
Flow principle of Plate And Frame Heat Exchangers:

Plate and frame heat exchangers consists of a pack of thin metal plates with openings for the passage of the fluids. The plates are corrugated which means that each pair of adjacent plates in the heat exchanger forms a channel. Every second channel is open to the same fluid. Between each pair of plates there is a rubber gasket, which prevents the fluids from mixing and from leaking to the surroundings.

When the media enters the plate and frame heat exchanger via the connections in the frame, it`s directed through alternate channels by the gasket arrangement. The warm fluid flows through every other channel and the cold fluid through the channels in between. Heat is thus transferred from the warm fluid to the colder fluid via the dividing wall, i.e. the plate material. The corrugations support the plates against differential pressure and create a turbulent flow in the channels. In turn, the turbulent flow provides high heat transfer efficiency, making the plate heat exchanger very compact compared with the traditional shell-and-tube heat exchanger.

The Double-Wall Plate Heat Exchanger:

For fluids that must be kept separate

The Double-Wall Plate Heat Exchanger is a technical breakthrough for heat exchange for media between which a hostile or undesirable reaction can occur, if the two fluids should mix. The Double-Wall Plate Heat Exchanger is therefore a new alternative to traditional heat transfer equipment such as the double-wall shell-and-tube heat exchanger, the triple-tube shell-and-tube heat exchanger, the double-circuit intercooler, and coils for indirect heating.

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