·Hella and Pulu and Play strategic cooperation to expand to China

Recently, the world's leading automotive electronics and lighting expert Hella and the US Silicon Valley famous accelerator Plug and Play (PNP) strategic cooperation to expand to China. The two sides will cooperate in the field of interconnection, mobile travel, explore new technologies, strengthen the Hella electronic pair Insights and innovative R&D in the fast-growing new demand in China's domestic market.
This time, Hella China and PNP China formally signed a cooperation agreement to promote business development between Hella and domestic growth start-ups, explore potential for cooperation, and achieve innovative cooperation in technology innovation and technology M&A through cooperation with PNP. Haila's internal transformation and upgrading, creating an entrepreneurial culture atmosphere, and opening up a new era of innovation.
“In the future, China will be in a leading position in the automotive sector, especially in the main development trends of automobiles such as digitization and interconnection, autonomous driving, electrification and energy efficiency, and personalization. We hope to cooperate better with PNP. Understand the market needs and technology trends of local customers," said Frank Petznick, executive board vice president of Hella's China Electronics Division.
Mr. Saeed Amidi, PNP Global CEO, said: “Innovation means walking ahead of the times. It is a very interesting thing. I am very happy that Hella has joined us. In the future, let us find more challenging things together.”
Mr. Xu Jieping (Princess), PNP China Management Partner, said: “PNP, as a well-known high-tech innovation accelerator, is committed to creating an open innovation platform and signing with Hella’s strategic cooperation, which means we are once again welcoming the PNP innovation ecosystem. A partner. Of course, we hope that after joining us, Hella will continue to strengthen the innovation team and strengthen the innovation layout of the company."
The cooperation agreement signed in Shanghai further deepened the partnership between Plug and Play and Hella. Through this cooperation, the two sides will strengthen collaborative innovation capabilities and create more business value.

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