High Quality Cable Extrusion Machine Mold

Model NO.: wm
Product: PCD Wire Drawing Die
Product Material: Diamond
Outcase: Stainless Case
Certificate: Ios Cwe SGS
Shaping Mode: Compression Mould
Trademark: WEIMING
Transport Package: Wooden Packing
Specification: CE ISO
Origin: Dongguan China
HS Code: 8463102000

Cable making mahcine accessaries dies 


Diamond is commonly known as the "diamond", PCD, use for steel wire, copper wire, Al wire, Stainless wire,etc other metal wire. it is a kind of mineral composed of pure carbon, it is  the hardest substance in nature.Scientist confirmed that the diamond is made of pure carbon in the 18th century. After that, people began the study of synthetic diamond, The research gets a big real success and rapid development because of high pressure and high pressure experiments technology in the 1950 s . Synthetic diamond is widely used in various industries, particularly dominant in the mold industry. Polycrystalline diamond (PCD) (powder) structure and the natural diamond is extremely similar, based on the combination of unsaturated bond, has the very good toughness.
High Quality Cable Extrusion Machine Mold
High Quality Cable Extrusion Machine Mold

High Quality Cable Extrusion Machine Mold


High Quality Cable Extrusion Machine Mold Cable wire drawing die adpots diamond fine powder, using cobalt catalyst or silicide, It is synthesis of diamond aggregates in high temperature and high pressure .In terms of relative, diamond with wo kinds of process ,PCD made in China cobalt-based polycrystalline diamond closer to the characteristics of polycrystalline diamond and silicon, polycrystalline diamond, physical properties and the product stability and import polycrystalline diamond and domestic cobalt-based polycrystalline diamond has a larger gap.

Polycrystalline diamond advantages

1.Excellent grinding performance, high removal rate and toughness, have sharpness;

2.Compare with single crystal diamond, less likely to produce surface scratches

Thus in manufacturing wire drawing die, after decades of time, We constantly explore and practice  according to the reuquirment of buyer, thereby drawing mould will be divided into two kinds of dies  , one is for non-ferrous metals (commonly known as: soft line.) And the other one is for the black metal (commonly known as: hard line.Demarcation of:

Area Reduction
Per Draft
Lead Zinc
Silver Gold
Aluminum Nickel
Brass Bronze
Stainless Steel
High Carbon Steel Hot Tungsten
8-12% 16" 12" 11" 10" 10"
12-16% 18" 14" 13" 12" 12"
16-25% 22" 18" 16" 15" 12"
25-35% 24" 22" 19" 18" 14"
Set the length                       0.2-0.5d                                     0.4-0.8d

High Quality Cable Extrusion Machine Mold

Packing & Delivery
High Quality Cable Extrusion Machine Mold

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