How to adjust the rotary crusher discharge port?

After the crushing cone or the frame liner is worn, in order to ensure the size of the ore discharge, it is necessary to restore the original discharge port width. The adjustment method is as follows: the crushing cone is raised to reduce the discharge port. If the crushing cone has been raised to the apex and the discharge port cannot be restored to the original width, the replacement of the frame or the broken cone plate should be considered, or at the same time replace. When raising the crushing cone, first remove the nut on the beam, then screw the lifting ring into the wire hole at the upper end of the broken cone main shaft, and then use the crane to lift the broken cone. The height of the lifting should be higher than the original expected height. The distance is 5.0mm to 15.0mm.

After the crushing cone is lifted, turn the adjusting screw down, press the sleeve and the sleeve, and then return the screw. Then remove the key and screw the nut down until it comes into contact with the pressure sleeve. Then measure the width of the discharge opening. After meeting the specified requirements, clean up, top up the lubricant, and finally install the cap.

200MW Power Plant:

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200MW Power Plant

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