How to maintain a small tonnage truck crane in rainy season

We all know that rain for the machine has some corrosion, the rainy season comes, if not pay attention to car maintenance and care, can easily lead to produce car trouble, a lot of small truck mounted crane car drivers do not know how in the rainy season for crane vehicle for care, we have to explain the system today.


Because of the air oxidation or pollution, the quality of the lubricant will decline after it is used for a period of time, and the effect of lubricating and maintaining the engine will be lost. Therefore, in the rainy season, the lubricant must be replaced regularly so as to ensure Lubrication of the engine.

After a long period of test and summary, we know that the temperature will have a certain impact on the tire pressure of the truck crane. In general, the tire pressure of the truck crane with a corresponding temperature increase of ten degrees will increase by about 7-14kpa. Therefore, vehicle owners must control the tire pressure according to changes in temperature in daily life. In the case of relatively low temperatures during the rainy season, the tires of the truck crane can be adequately adequate, but in the case of very hot summer weather, tires It needs to release some gas properly.

Spring frequent rain season is also very dry season, there will be a lot of air and dust of the dust, resulting in very many truck mounted crane car air-conditioning duct and the dust and impurities outer evaporator, a long time if not Cleaning can easily result in the growth of a large number of bacteria and cause serious injury to the driver's body. Therefore, it is best to remove the air filter during the rainy season to improve the air environment in the cabin.

The paint on the truck may require maintenance work. In rainy season, a lot of rain will corrode the car paint. Especially for vehicles that are exposed to rain for a long time, the car paint is extremely corrosive. Therefore, it is best to use it during the rainy season. Place the truck crane in a location where there is no rainwater. Even if you accidentally let the vehicle body rain, wipe it away as soon as possible to protect the paint.

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