How to make the sprinkler morning glass without fog

We always feel cold in the morning when we get up in the morning, but we always see a lot of fog on the front window when we quickly get into the sprinkler, which seriously affects the time of our work. Our water trucks usually work very early in the morning. With fog, our work brings a lot of inconvenience. Then we will think of how to clear the fog as soon as possible so that our sprinklers can work as quickly as possible. What should we do? There are three very useful methods here, and I think we can certainly help our sprinkler drivers.
Method one: Air conditioning heating method. Use a method that reduces the temperature difference to remove fog. In winter, hot air is blown onto the glass with warm air, and the temperature of the front glass is quickly increased. The temperature difference between the inner and outer surfaces of the window glass of the sprinkler is reduced, and the mist of the front windshield glass can be prevented from being excessively heavy in time. However, there is a point that the back and side of the glass The temperature rises slowly, so it takes a long time to remove all the fog. Note: Whether it is automatic or manual air-conditioning, air-conditioning is open, is conducive to dehumidification; air-conditioning temperature control should not be in the coldest position, otherwise prolonged defrosting windshield glass outside easy to fog.

Method 2: spray anti-fog agent and other preventive methods. Spray a little mist repellent on the sprinkler glass window and wipe it clean to remove the dirt and marks on the glass window. When the glass is polished, a thin transparent protective film is formed on the glass, which can effectively prevent condensation of water vapor on the glass and form a fog layer, which is particularly suitable for cold winter days. Can replace anti-fogging agents and detergents, soapy water, glycerin, alcohol or salt water, wait for drying, wipe off excess fibers with a suede or a soft dry cloth, and it will ensure that the sprinkling glass will not be maintained within a few days. Covered with fog.

Method 3: air-conditioning refrigeration method. Using air-conditioning cooling and dehumidification, the method of reducing air humidity removes mist. When people enter the sprinkler truck in summer, they do not turn on the air conditioner in time. The humidity of the gas exhaled by the person is relatively large, and the windshield will soon become cloudy. At this time, the air conditioner can be turned on to blow cold wind to the front windshield, and the air-conditioning dehumidification function can be used to remove the fog on the front windshield. However, if the humidity is too large and the air conditioning effect is not obvious, a little window can be opened slightly to reduce the humidity in the cab quickly. Of course, it can also be used in conjunction with air conditioning, the effect will be faster.

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