How to open a new era of LCD splicing screen

Throughout the mosaic screen LCD industry, when it comes to LCD splicing, the industry first thought must be the emperor Ai Di, in addition to being the entire LCD screen splicing leading enterprises, is always walking in the forefront of the commercial display splicing screen, in addition , Emperor Ai Di LCD splicing screen pre-sales and after-sales service always adhere to the customer is God's purpose. The latest R & D technology and the most professional technical point of view to solve the after-sales problem, making Emperor Ai Di's products by the majority of users of the pro-Lai!

Emperor Aidi LCD splicing screen

LCD screen splicing forefront graphics function <br> <br> use professional skills LCD splicing control chip, the machine has a HDMI / VGA / Ypbpr / AV signal interface and other professional, industrial grade anti-jamming supplying control data RS232 interfaces, Supports splicing address location, facilitates automatic control of the use of cooperative and independent control software to accomplish multi-screen splicing functions, and supports picture-in-picture and traveling tour functions;

Industrial LCD panel and the ultra narrow stitching <br> <br> Picks original import excellent regulation A liquid crystal panel, prestige confirmed feed material, to ensure product quality slim narrow planning, physical patchwork 1.8mm, complete seamless screen Experience;

HD quality

The latest selection 3D definition digital processing circuitry, Full HD 1080p resolution appear, wide viewing angle, high brightness 700 lumens, drawing strong clear bright ambient light, bright ambient light dark soft balanced full screen brightness, color temperature adjustment of 100% , High contrast, high-definition picture perfect, LED backlight color reproduction is high, active settings and active adjustment of graphics processing functions;

Active diagnosis

Industrial planning of the sensor module, the internal temperature of the irregularities can be determined, and start using a common fan duct planning, scientific cooling system planning, rapid cooling, supplying high temperature alarm echo function;

Low power consumption of the backlight <br> <br> energy saving and environmental protection, no radiation, no signal having active standby function can be accomplished automatically adjust the backlight part, saving 35% of the screen protection function, it is useful commodity usage time extending the operating life of the LCD screen up More than 50,000 hours, can support 7*24h work without interruption.

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