Improvement of the vacuum degree of pulp dewatering

Improvement of the vacuum degree of pulp dewatering
Core Tip: System, water seal water pipe slope is small, the accumulation of plugging pipe. We completely reformed the water-sealing water pipeline, eliminated the water-sealing water tank, added one-way water, and made the enthalpy difference of the air-water separator relatively increase. Due to the water-free seal, the liquid discharge was more smooth. Even if the drain tank fails, the one-way valve can prevent the discharge of the filtrate from blocking the pipeline.

System, water seal water pipe slope is small, clogging the pipe. We completely reformed the water-sealing water pipeline, eliminated the water-sealing water tank, added one-way water, and made the enthalpy difference of the air-water separator relatively increase. Due to the water-free seal, the liquid discharge was more smooth. Even if the drain tank malfunctions, the one-way valve can prevent the filtrate from discharging and block the pipeline, prevent the gas-water separator from pressing the mine, thereby ensuring that the filtrate does not enter the ft air pump, prolonging the life of the vacuum pump 3 after such meticulous After the transformation, it received a very outstanding effect: Since 200 years, the vacuum degree of the filter has been improved dramatically, rising from 54.2 to 60.9 lkPa to 64.3 to 77.9 kPa, which has achieved and exceeded the efficiency of EICC0 company's installation. Increased by 59%. Because the improved bucket width is 1.5m and the original bucket width is 1.25m, a 1.5m wide bucket can be used to clear a wide area of ​​the road. Elimination of roadside rock damage to the tires resulted in an average 25% increase in tire life. Bumps were eliminated and the locomotive operated more smoothly than before, creating good conditions for the safe driving of the locomotive.

(4) As the scraper's working efficiency is improved and the reactive power loss is reduced, the time required for scraping the same amount of stone rakes is obviously shortened. Each scraper's power saving per shift can be seen from the above analysis. Different materials should be used for shoveling different materials and a bucket with different volumes should be selected.Selecting a suitable bucket capacity can increase production efficiency and bring huge production and economic benefits to the enterprise.Improve transformation of dewatering vacuum degree of ore pulp Dong Yuyu Yang Xudong Lu Xiujuan Dagang Jianshan The filtering section of the finished branch of the Shanxi Xiaonanshan Iron ore Mine Co., Ltd. is responsible for the desorption of the slurry from the Jianshan Mine Pipeline and the diwater filtration task. The dewatering effect directly affects the quality of the tipping mine, and it has been trial production from the filtration section. The vacuum degree of the vacuum filter has always been an important issue in moisture research.With our unremitting efforts for a long time, the vacuum degree has been continuously improved and has experienced the first stage of 44.0~50.8kPa, the second stage of 54.2-60.9kPa, and the first stage. The third stage of 64.3-77.9 kPa, especially the third stage, was explored through careful and in-depth research in our K-period in practice, and was transformed after the end of October 2001. The vacuum degree has been significantly improved. Since November 2004, the vacuum has been maintained at about 71.1 kPa, and the highest value has reached 77.9 kPa, which exceeds the equipment design performance index of the US EIMC0 filter by 60.9-71.1 kPa. A new breakthrough in dehydration vacuum level, this transformation not only ensures reliable water quality for concentrates, but also plays a positive role in reducing equipment material loss, reducing equipment maintenance ffl, and reducing workers' inflammatory strength.

The Jianshan Iron Mine Pipeline System was commissioned from July 1997. At the start of the trial run, the measures taken were to increase the gas-water separator, from 0"! to 4.5m. Set the water-sealing water pipe, which was 7.8m high. Part of the filtrate was self-flowing. The degree of vacuum was increased to 44 in the first phase of the transformation. After that, the vacuum level was able to achieve normal filtration, but the moisture content of the concentrate was still high, the equipment failure was frequent, and the production i order was not stable. For this reason, at the end of 1997, the two filtrates, bottoms, and drains were installed. The transformation was carried out and a certain degree of effect was obtained, but the vacuum degree was not significantly improved.

In the beginning of 1999, the filter station replaced the air compressor with a higher degree of automation, increased the overflow of the slurry in the filter agitation tank, and added a pipeline to the upper fluidization chamber, which increased the vacuum i to 54.2 kPa. Due to the gap between the vacuum gauge and the design index of the equipment, the moisture content of the concentrate cannot be controlled stably, and accidents such as belt deviation, mineral powder blocking nozzles, and pressure belts also occur. In particular, the gas-water separator still does not function well as a secondary gas-water separation. Part of the filtrate into the vacuum pump, resulting in serious wear of the vacuum pump. In the third quarter of 1999, two vacuum pumps had been changed due to severe wear and tear, which caused great economic losses. To this end, the second time in 1999, the gas-water separator was re-enforced.

This transformation will further increase the gas-water separator to a height of 10.6 inches from the water seal tank, fully in line with the scientific principle of atmospheric pressure in physics so that the filtrate will not flow into the vacuum pump itself, thereby reducing the filtrate wear on the vacuum pump. At the same time, the cooling water of the circulating f-pump was increased, the pressure of the ft air pump cooling water was increased, and the vacuum chamber of the vacuum pump was sealed well. After the transformation, the vacuum degree was increased to 54.2-60.9 kPi, so that the average monthly moisture was basically controlled. The vacuum below 9.5% is kept at 54.2~60.9kPa, which basically guarantees the normal production order, and the monthly average moisture is basically guaranteed, but there is still moisture or a single point of moisture exceeding the standard, and the vacuum degree has not exceeded 60.9kPa, and can not reach the equipment. The design performance index of 60.9-71.lkPa.g in the process of exploring the degree of vacuum in large scale, we overcome many difficulties and overwhelmed each one. In order to find an effective way, we work with and maintain the work With the help of filter fabricators, they repeatedly researched and replaced every step of the filter cloth and high-speed filter operating parameters on the spot, and finally found that the filter filter fan device could be improved. Find effective ways sealability.

We have noticed such a detail: The filter fabric is often damaged around the cast iron head. There, due to the connection to the vacuum filtrate tube of the filter, the sharpness of the outlet of the filter fan, the rapid increase of the gas flow rate, and the relatively high degree of vacuum, become the focus of I cavitation wear. Around the cast iron head, as long as there is a small hole in the filter cloth, it will cause damage to the filter in a short time. The damage to the filter will lead to cavitation of the cast iron head, and the filter will be cavitation. The cast iron head of the filter fan after cavitation will be reversed. Intensified the rapid expansion of the filter cloth hole and became a vacuum leak point.

After we discovered the problem, we targeted a series of improvement measures. g First of all, since the small inlet of the original imported filter cloth is not tightly integrated with the cast iron head, we will sew one cable tie in each filter cloth when changing the filter cloth. It is required to change the filter cloth to tie the belt and ensure that the filter cloth is tightly integrated with the cast iron head. And require the filter fabric workers to tighten the cast-headed filter cloth and tape after fencing, to prevent leakage of the filter cloth head into the vacuum filtrate tube.

The filter fan and the vacuum filtrate tube are connected by the steel skeleton rubber pad, which causes the skeleton rubber pad and the cast iron tip to become vacuum leakage points. After careful consideration and study, we have designed a rubber sleeve, which has a very strong material elasticity and changes the filter. When the fabric is sealed, one end of the rubber sleeve is sealed against the gap of the bone glue pad, and the other end is sealed against the gap between the cast iron head and the filter cloth. Significantly improved sealing.

Then, we changed the filter rod to a homemade 40Ci material. To ensure that the filter fan can be fixed in the same plane, the presser bar tightly presses the filter fan and the skeleton pad to enhance the sealing performance.

After the removal of the filter fan, we found that a small part of the cloth was deposited in the filter fan groove. This part of the ore powder was neither suctioned nor blown out by the blower to filter the filter cloth, affecting the path of the S empty filtrate. In the standardization operation, we put special emphasis on removing the ore and then installing the filter cloth.

After removing the filter fan, loosening of the cast iron head is common. If it is not tightened, cavitation along the surface of the cast iron head and the filter fan will be caused, and the filter fan, filter screen and filter cloth will be damaged. We must first tighten the cast iron head before changing the filter cloth. 1 There is a hole in the cast iron head that will affect the degree of vacuum and cause the filter cloth to break. We adopt: take repair welding or I change solution.

The filter fan surface is uneven and there are small pits that can cause damage to the filter. We have found a new material technology to repair the filter fan. The life of the imported filter fan after repair can be comparable to that of the original 4-filter fan, but the price is only 1/丨 of imported filter fan. It is also critical that the tapping fan group is in the same plane, because not being in the same plane can cause leakage at the junction of the vacuum filtrate tube, it also causes the scraper to wear, tears the filter cloth, and then affects the degree of vacuum. We remove the filter filter rods of all the filters every half year and overhaul the filter once. 3: When the large openings of the air filter cloth are sewn, the stitches must be even and dense enough to prevent the wire from tearing the filter cloth. Finally, we have also solved the design performance indicators of the filter vacuum of 60.9 ~ 71.IkPa which has been plagued by many difficult factories for many years. At the same time, the production practices of materials in various situations. Filtered water can reach the standard.

At the same time, we have also improved the sealability of the filter unit from the following aspects to ensure the degree of vacuum: the connection between the cast iron head and the filter fan is modified. A screw rod with a length of 903 mm Because the filter fan is soaked in the slurry for a long time, the screw is filled with antimony ore powder. When the cast iron head and the filter fan are changed in 31, the screw is difficult to be extracted from the filter fan. Pull out the screw into / a labor-intensive job. This time, one 45mm steel wire was used instead of the 903mm screw to connect the cast iron head and the filter fan. This reduced the X's labor intensity, facilitated the installation and removal of filter fans, and reduced material consumption.

The width of wide head changed from 3丨5mm to 300mm, and the size of the filter was closely matched with the history of the filter. The edges were smoothed with a grinder to ensure that the filter cloth was not hung; the cast iron head and the filter fan A1 were fixed at the screw hole wall The thickness of the crucible is 5mm. Due to the effect of the vacuum air flow, the area is often pierced. This causes the cast iron sand to move, the seal is not strict, and the filter cloth is damaged. We changed it to a wall thickness of 15 nm, fundamentally eliminating this loophole. The cast iron head n castings have rough and uneven casting surfaces, and we changed them to machining direction, so that the seals of the aprons and cast iron heads are further ensured. The filter fan device repairs and adjusts the filter fan while changing the filter cloth. Cast iron heads, sealed cabinets, filter rods, and pressure strips were reviewed for history. For broken filter fans, cast: “The iron head is repaired, and the deformed filter fan, filter rod, and bead are replaced and repaired at any time to ensure that the filter fan is installed in place. The filter rod and the filter fan groove are closely connected and the filter fan is new. The center line is flat, etc., and the operating standards have been formulated for these operations.

Strictly controlling the quality of the finished filter cloth, the filter cloth used in the production of the filter cloth is transparent: the air is good, but the texture is hard and easy to break. We have formulated a set of acceptance criteria for each time. The filter fan must be sampled with a special instrument, and non-compliant filter cloths will not be accepted.

The replacement of quality fi of the filter cloth is carried out in three levels. The change of the inspection history in the process of changing the filter cloth is conducted by the professional personnel of the section during the filtering period, and the assessment of the economic responsibility system is performed one by one.

Formulated detailed and feasible H-Li operating standards, requiring job workers, change the filter cloth: work strictly according to the standard operation, effective guarantee filter body liquid level, disc speed, blowing through our unremitting efforts, the third phase to improve the vacuum Degree B tackles the problem.

: To make a breakthrough in designing the upper limit of design performance becomes a reality, and achieving such an effect does not consume much of the human and material resources. The large-scale economic transformation was not carried out, and while the product quality ffl was mentioned, the wear of the economical materials was reduced, and the failure rate of the set-up economy and the strength of the T. people were reduced. Extension K's equipment life and cost savings, for the successful completion of the production of the second phase 5BT power loss system S-made Wang Fuyuan Yizhou Concentrator Electrometer Branch Jiangxi Dexing 334224 Xing Copper Mine Pazhou Concentrator Phase II Crushed Ore System, H The Ping Ping Ore accounts for more than half of the entire plant's production tasks. If the production capacity of the Pazhou Concentrator is to be stabilized at more than 35,000 l/d, the production capacity of the second-stage crushing system must reach 18,5001/1. To be realistic about this H standard, according to many years of experience in our factory production. It is necessary to reconstruct the equipments of No. 1, No. 15, No. 16 belt conveyor and no. Because these several transport belts severely restrict the production of crushing in the second phase of the second phase, affecting the smooth flow of the equipment, and the equipment being over-loaded during the peri-period, the ability of the entire crushing ore system to handle the ore cannot reach the design standards. For this reason, we constantly explore and improve. Using the 1999 year-end maintenance room, several overloaded operation of the X> 2nd-stage crushing system was carried out to transform the model. Through this annual inspection, the production capacity of the second-stage crushing system has reached the requirement for the ability of the ore to handle the ore. .

1 The main contents of the transformation of the second phase of the electrical system of broken ore 4 Transformer replacement 4 Transformers are charged with, 3 and I. Belt conveyor motors, cone crusher plant;) Fans, traffic and cone crusher to mine or other power supply tasks, claw electricity With a total load of 840 kW, this transformation requires the replacement of two motors of a single belt conveyor, increasing the power, changing from 丨IOkW to l60kW, increasing the load to 100 kW, and 4 transformers to S7-1000/6, with a small capacity Can not meet this transformation task. We must 'dilate the transformer, and we have carefully calculated and repeatedly scrutinized it and decided to select Sichuan's energy-saving SiS9-丨250/6 transformer to replace the helium transformer so that the transformer can operate at about 75% of its rated load, and the maximum operation of the transformer can be fully utilized. Efficiency, on the other hand, after the expansion of the transformer, the belt conveyor can be restarted when the heavy load is accidentally parked, without having to unload or reduce the running strength of the operator.

4 transformer transformation of the low-voltage power distribution room into the screen due to the replacement of 4 transformers, increased capacity ffl, so the low-voltage cable into the top of the capacity due to the capacity is too small, can not meet the requirements must be changed. At the time of M change, the existing BSL-IO-OIA type power distribution screen was replaced with a TIPGL2-05 type power distribution screen. At the same time, the primary line scheme in the screen was changed. According to the actual situation of the power distribution room, the line-out side tool was cancelled. Switch to reduce a link, on the side of the knife side switch to decide to use the HD13-I500/20 three knife switch to replace the original HDI3-I500/30 type a knife switch, increase the knife switch's capacity. The circuit breaker HDWI5-2500/3 type replaces the original DW10-I500/3 circuit breaker; the device uses a new model, and for power supply protection, the tripping current of the circuit breaker is changed according to: the rated current of the low voltage side of the voltage regulator is selected. In the aluminum row and knife switch into the line segment to connect the copper double claw, reducing copper and aluminum transition end heat. Damage to the knife switch, the transformation of the old electrical components, our experience is a knife switch, contactor and other main circuit components, based on / 11 electrical load, requires doubled to select the type, while the protection trip component based on the actual load to set, In this way, the reliability of high-supply power supply can be captured, the occurrence of electrical accidents can be reduced, and the electrical dimension can be reduced.

11、15、16 Belt Conveyor Motor Expansion Phase II Crushing System Under normal production conditions, the 15 and 16 belt conveyors are often overloaded. When the number of single screens is greater than 7 units, the belt conveyor is in an accident. In case of heavy-duty parking, it is not possible to restart F. The operator must remove more than half of the ore from the belt conveyor before the belt conveyor can be restarted. D. In view of this situation, we are based on the second-stage crushing production. Under load conditions, it was decided to expand the power of the three belt conveyor motors. The belt conveyor motor Y3I5L Bulk 4l60kW replaces the original Y3l5S-4OkW motor. 15,16 Y315L2-4 160kW motors for electric motors of belt conveyors, at the same time the main circuits controlled by these 4 motors, circuit breakers, and vacuum contactors are also replaced with small capacitors, which should be replaced with large capacitors, to achieve matching Claw to meet load requirements.

M11, 15 belt conveyor power cable replacement start and run line pressure drop, especially heavy load ft, motor junction box voltage is only 280V, can not meet the motor start requirements. To this end, we have performed a history change on the power cables of these two, belt conveyor motors, and decided to use copper cores 丨 20mm: cables instead of the original aluminum core 95mm; cables.

1.57 sets of crusher cone crusher relay protection circuit transformation of the second phase of the crushing system 7 crushing cone crusher, mining; HI computer monitoring, the current constant power control 3 due to the original design is not commented, the current transformer makes Chuan 200/5A The rated current of the cone crusher is only 38A. The secondary current of the current transformer n: often less than IA, and the secondary current of the cone crusher from no load to rated load is too small, only 0.625-0.95 Changes in A range cannot meet the requirements of conical constant power control. To this end, we retrofitted the current transformer of the crusher of the cone crusher, and decided to replace the proposed MI/5/5A current transformer with the 200/5A current transformer of the proposed core. After the current transformer is changed, the secondary current is changed. L.6-2.6 Alffl internal change

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1.Material: SS304.SS316L

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Sanitary 4 Way Cross

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