Instrument Industry Classification

According to the newly revised National Standard for National Economic Industry (GB/T4754-2002), the instrumentation industry includes industrial automatic control system devices, electrical instrumentation, mapping, calculation and measurement instruments, experimental analysis instruments, testing machines, and supplies. Instrumentation and other general purpose instrumentation, instrumentation for environmental monitoring, instrumentation for automotive and other uses, navigation, meteorology and marine special instruments, instrumentation for agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fisheries, geological exploration and seismic equipment, teaching equipment, nuclear and nuclear Radiation measurement instruments, electronic measuring instruments, other special instruments, watches and timing instruments, optical instruments, manufacturing and repair of other instruments, scales, medical diagnostic monitoring and treatment equipment, 20 small industries. According to the main service targets and fields of products, the instrumentation industry is generally summarized into four categories: production process measurement and control instruments and systems, scientific test instruments, special instrumentation, instrumentation materials and components.

The distribution of China's instrumentation industry is dominated by the development and production of general-purpose instrumentation for mechanical systems. The Ministry of Information Industry, the Ministry of Education, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the State Administration of Pharmacy, and the metallurgy, petrochemical, light industry, coal, power companies, surveying and mapping, and weapons, aerospace, and aviation , the shipbuilding industry and other systems develop and produce various kinds of special instruments and meters; among them are the Chinese Academy of Sciences (Scientific Test Instruments), the Ministry of Information Industry (communications and electronic measuring instruments), weapons, ships and aerospace systems (military ancillary products), and light industrial systems ( Weighing), the State Pharmaceutical Administration (medical equipment and equipment) is stronger.

Explanation: 1. In the world, instrumentation is an independent industry and product area. It is neither mechanical nor electronic. The content also includes the watch industry. 2. According to the administrative jurisdiction of the industry, China's cultural and office equipment industries such as film machinery, cameras and copiers have also been categorized into the instrumentation industry for a long time. However, this overview does not include these types of small industries.

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