[Instrument latest patent] a waterproof transmissive photoelectric direct reading water meter

[Chinese instrument network meter patent] creative limit, instrumentation invention. Today we introduce a national patent for invention—a waterproof transmissive photoelectric direct-reading water meter. This patent was applied by Nan'an City Zhonghui Electromechanical Design and Development Co., Ltd., and it was authorized on December 28, 2016.

Description of the Invention The utility model relates to a water meter, in particular to a waterproof transmissive photoelectric direct-reading water meter.

Background of the Invention Photoelectric direct-reading water meter adopts a rotor-type metering structure and has the features of high measurement accuracy, small initial flow, convenient meter reading, beautiful appearance, safety and health, and long service life. In recent years, the remote water meter has been continuously developed with its technology. It has been rapidly applied and popularized, and it has been increasingly adopted by the water supply industry. Photoelectric direct reading water meters use photoelectric direct reading technology to read character wheel data. Compared with traditional pulse meter, it can read the error. Reducing to zero is an electronic remote meter for electromechanical conversion of zero errors in automatic meter reading systems. With a low-power design, power is not normally required, and power is only required for meter readings or valves. Photoelectric direct-reading water meter and smart meter reading system equipment, complete smart reading water, electricity, gas meter data of the district, and achieve data sharing with the settlement center network, the existing photoelectric direct reading water meter waterproof performance is not high, can not be effective Protection of the electric board, black and white combination on the wheel coated block, light, oxidation and other factors will fade or fall off, directly lead to direct reading error.

SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The utility model provides a waterproof transmissive photoelectric direct reading water meter, which solves the problem that the existing water meter cannot conveniently and efficiently read meter by installing an auxiliary circuit board, an infrared luminous tube, an infrared receiving tube and a photoelectric sensor. Effective waterproofing problem.

The figure shows the structure of the utility model
In order to solve the above technical problem, the utility model provides the following technical solution: a waterproof transmissive photoelectric direct-reading water meter, comprising a cover plate, a main circuit board, an auxiliary circuit board, a U-shaped card key, a photoelectric sensor, a cavity, A dry and sealed waterproof base, a grooved sub-disc, a wheel disc, a digital slot, an infrared light emitting tube and an infrared receiving tube are connected, and the main circuit board is provided at the lower end of the cover plate, and the lower end of the main circuit board Connecting the auxiliary circuit board, wherein the auxiliary circuit board is connected to the slotted sub-wheel disc through three U-shaped card keys, and a surface of the three U-shaped card keys is provided with a plurality of the photoelectric sensors. A slotted sub-disc is disposed inside the cavity, and four slots are disposed on the slotted sub-disc, and the four roulettes are all connected through the connection, one of the roulettes. An infrared light emitting tube is disposed on the side, and the infrared receiving tube is disposed on the other side of the wheel disk. The infrared light emitting tube is connected to the infrared receiving tube.

As a preferred technical solution of the present invention, the main circuit board, the auxiliary circuit board and the U-shaped card key are all disposed inside the cavity. The digital grooves are provided on the surfaces of the four wheel disks. The sealed waterproof base is provided at the lower end of the cavity.

The beneficial effects achieved by the utility model are as follows: The waterproof transmissive photoelectric direct-reading water meter of the utility model is provided with an auxiliary circuit board, which effectively guarantees that the water meter water inlet will not stop working, and can perform maintenance, facilitate detection, and install infrared The light-emitting tube and the infrared receiver tube can effectively perform photoelectric direct reading recording, which is fast and convenient. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, high waterproof effect and convenient use.

For more information, please download the full specification of the patent.

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