"Iron Man" in the Mine: Construction of Revo FR370E Excavator

Revo FR370E excavator uses imported Isuzu engine to provide powerful power for equipment operation. It is equipped with original Kawasaki hydraulic system and Revo is matched and calibrated. It features high reliability, low pressure loss, high flow distribution efficiency, and smoother compound motion. On the basis of high-efficiency and intelligent equipment, equipment fuel consumption is greatly reduced at the same time.

Revo FR370E excavator at an iron ore loading operation


Revo FR370E excavator being loaded

Revo FR370E Excavator Earthwork

As we all know, harsh operating conditions require high reliability of the product. Revo FR370E excavator uses a reinforced stick, X-chassis, high damping shock absorber, track tensioning device, collision protection device, high durable materials and The superiority of structural parts and other advantages over other tonnage products guarantees safety and reliability in the construction process, while further reducing the operating costs during the entire life cycle of the product, creating greater value and higher revenue for customers.

Broken, loading, Revo FR370E excavator with tacit understanding


Revo FR370E Excavator in Construction


Revo FR370E excavator loaded on the mine

Revel excavator FR370E is suitable for all kinds of heavy working conditions. It is led by Revo Japan's expert team. It has been built in three years and is a model of Lovol's intelligent products. The product has large digging force, large traction force, high efficiency, high reliability, and low fuel consumption. Lovol Engineering Machinery not only has product advantages, Revoir adhering to the "do everything for you" service concept, formed a strong escort ability for Revo customers. (This article comes from Revo)

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