LED lighting will grow into the mainland and will become the main battlefield of the Taiwanese factory.

The increasing penetration of LED lighting has also prompted LED manufacturers to start to seize the lighting market. According to statistics, the LED lighting market has an output value of about 2.6 billion US dollars (about 16 billion yuan) this year, an increase of 18 compared with last year's 2.2 billion.

Wang Zijian, general manager of Philips LumiLEDs Taiwan, said that the main growth momentum of LED lighting is still replacing the market. The top three markets are estimated to be the United States, Japan and China.

Wang Zijian also mentioned that the public electricity bill in the United States is relatively high, which also prompted local governments in the United States to actively replace LED lighting products to achieve energy-saving and energy-saving purposes. At present, the company with the highest market share in the United States is Cree, and Guanglin, which is owned by Guangbao Branch, also has a certain market share. In Japan, both the government and the private sector are actively promoting LED lighting, and Japan’s own LED strength is sufficient, and it is more difficult for Taiwanese companies to enter.

Wang Zijian believes that mainland China actively promotes infrastructure construction, in addition to the LED street lamp market, as well as engineering lighting demand, and the market in Taiwan is small, the mainland will be the main market for the future development of Taiwanese factories, and there are fewer problems in patents. The distance is very close, and there will be Taiwanese manufacturers who value the mainland's LED lighting market.

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