Luding copper mine joint development

Yunnan copper-containing sand basin sedimentary deposits, deposits occur in the interaction of light and sandstone purple band stratoid output, long in the longitudinal direction (inclined) long 719 279cm, minor axis direction ~ 70 ~ 800m, The average is 370m, the thickness is 3.91~5.0m, the inclination angle is 2°~29°, and the vertical depth is about 575m. The ore is stable. According to the natural type of ore and the ore elevation of the ore body, it is divided into three sections: upper, middle and lower sections. The design of the central mining section is planned in advance, and the designed production capacity is 1500t/d, which actually reaches 800~1000t/d.
The deposit is jointly developed by the inclined well of the bucket and the inclined well of the blind bucket (the later section of the lower section of the mine is re-connected with a blind-chain inclined shaft). The development system is shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1 Luding copper mine development system map
1-2JK3×1.5A-20 hoisting machine room; 2-1 #箕斗斜井; 3-JK2.5×2A-20 row hoisting chamber; 4-2 #盲箕斗斜井;
5-Pine ore recovery flat road; 6-1 # , 2 #箕斗斜井Transporting sand bin; 7-1 #箕斗斜井中中中路中点;8-1 # material inclined well;
9- measures well; 10-3 # blind material inclined; 11- blind integrated inclined; 12 filling wells; 13- Return Slope; 14 Ida inclined; 15 ore
1 #箕斗斜井, arched section 10.34~24.07m 2 , inclination angle 14°44′44′′, oblique length 833m, 12t rear unloading bucket lifting, hoist ZJK3×1.5A-20 type, power 260kw. 2 #盲箕斗斜井, arched section 10.34m 2 , inclination angle 11°, oblique length 707m, 箕doutong 1 # inclined well, hoist JK2.5×2A-20 type, power 320kw. Deep skewer blind inclined well The arched section is 10.52m 2 , the inclination angle is 19°, the oblique length is 686m, and it is lifted by the 1.6m 3 side unloading type mine car. The hoist JK2.5/20 type has a power of 350kw.

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