Machine tool remanufacturing supported by energy saving and environmental protection policies

Machine tool remanufacturing supported by energy saving and environmental protection policies As an important aspect of the resource recycling industry, with the support of energy conservation and environmental protection policies, the remanufacturing of Auto parts and mechanical and electrical products will gain priority. According to industry insiders, this will bring limited benefits to the listed companies listed in the NDRC and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology pilot projects.

Remanufacturing refers to a batch production process in which specialized parts such as used auto parts, construction machinery, and machine tools are repaired. The remanufactured products achieve the same quality and performance as the original new products. Compared with manufacturing new products, remanufacturing can save energy by 60%, save materials by 70%, and save costs by 50%.

Earlier, the "Opinions on Promoting the Development of Remanufacturing Industries" issued by the ministries and commissions of the National Development and Reform Commission pointed out that in the future, pilot projects for the remanufacturing of auto parts will be deepened. The focus is on advancing the remanufacturing of components such as automotive engines, transmissions, and generators, and will expand the scope of pilots to components such as transmission shafts, compressors, oil pumps, and water pumps. At the same time, the renovation of large old tires continues.

In the future, it will promote the remanufacturing of construction machinery and machine tools, and organize the remanufacture of construction machinery, industrial electromechanical equipment, machine tools, mining machinery, railway locomotive equipment, ships and office information equipment.

As an advanced processing method, laser equipment has a wide range of needs in steel, automotive, electronics and other fields. As a major laser company with its laser equipment as its core business, the company's high-power laser cutting equipment and welding equipment can be widely used in remanufacturing.

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