Maintenance and Maintenance of Intelligent Digital Display Bimetal Thermometer

The intelligent digital display bimetal thermometer is an on-site inspection industrial instrument. It directly displays the temperature in the measured gas, liquid and steam, and is applicable to the petrochemical, mining, metallurgy, textile, military, pharmaceutical, food and other sectors. Field temperature measurement and control in low temperature environments.
Intelligent digital display bimetal thermometer maintenance and maintenance:
1. In the process of storage, installation, use and transportation of intelligent digital bimetal thermometers, collision protection tubes should be avoided as far as possible, and the protection tubes must not be bent or deformed. Do not twist the meter housing during installation.
2. The meter should work normally within the ambient temperature of -30°C~80°C.
3, the temperature of the instrument often works best in the scale range of 1/2 to 3/4.
4. The length of the bimetal thermometer protective tube immersed in the measured medium must be greater than the length of the temperature sensing element. Generally, the length of the bimetal thermometer immersed in the measured medium is more than 100mm. The immersion length of the 0-50°C range is more than 150mm to ensure the accuracy of measurement.
5, all kinds of bimetal thermometers should not be used to measure the temperature of the medium in the open container, live contact thermometers should not be used in the control loop of the occasion where the work vibration.
6. In the storage, use, installation and transportation of bimetal thermometers, collision protection tubes should be avoided. Do not bend the protection tube and use it as a wrench.
7. The thermometer should be tested regularly under normal use. It is generally appropriate every six months. Electrical contact thermometers are not allowed to work under strong vibration, so as not to affect the
The reliability of the contact point.

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