MANN+HUMMEL Presents New Products with Air Filters PTC Asia 2015

German Filtration Specialist MANN+HUMMEL participated in the 2015 Asia International Power Transmission and Control Technology Exhibition (PTC Asia 2015) held at Shanghai New International Expo Center from October 27 to October 30th. Products and technologies, including air filters, oil separators, etc. Among them, the ENTARON-AD air filter was designed, developed and manufactured by the MANN+HUMMEL China team to meet the dual needs of customers in the Asia-Pacific region for product performance and economy, and is fully available in China and the Asia Pacific market.

Mr. Josef Parzhuber, Vice President of MANN+HUMMEL Group and Chief Executive Officer of Asia Pacific, stated: “As an expert in the filtration industry, MANN+HUMMEL has always been committed to the development of high-quality filtration products, providing customers with comprehensive solutions according to their different needs. , a complete filtration solution, we are very pleased to once again participate in the Asia International Power Transmission and Control Technology Exhibition, to fully demonstrate the strength and leading technology of MANN+HUMMEL to provide solutions for manufacturers in the local industry.We will also We will continue to support localized production in China and make more efforts for the Chinese industrial sector."

Highly-combined high performance and economical efficiency of the first "China created" air filter

In the N4 Hall B4-2 booth, MANN+HUMMEL introduced the ENTARON-AD air filter for the first time, which can be used in a wide range of agricultural and industrial applications such as forklifts, agricultural machinery, and air compressors. From concept design to product finalization, the design, R&D and manufacturing of this product is entirely dominated by the MANN+HUMMEL China team and tailored to customers in China and Asia Pacific.

Through the design optimization of the imported media and the targeted space design, the ENTARON-AD air filter has a market advantage in economy and installation space. In terms of installation methods and product appearance, this product also gives customers the freedom to choose. At the same time, the product passed a series of precision tests and upholds MANN+HUMMEL's stringent quality standards. Based on the finite element analysis and computational fluid dynamics calculations, the product's strength and flow field speed have significantly improved compared with similar products in the market. Computer simulations and tests show that the pre-separation efficiency of the MANN+HUMMEL ENTARON-AD air filter can reach 83 to 87%, resulting in a significant reduction in the number of particles entering the main filter, significantly prolonging the life of the filter, making it suitable for high humidity. , high dust heavy environment. In addition, its high-performance filter material can achieve a filtration efficiency of up to 99.99%, and the dust holding capacity is more than double that of a normal filter.

IQORON V7 air filter for efficient filtration

Another major product of MANN+HUMMEL at this exhibition was the IQORON series of air filters. The IQORON filter cartridges use double-folding technology and an oval shape to minimize installation space requirements. The latest product, the IQORON V7 air filter, can be equipped with a dust-exhaust valve or a dust ejector to meet the requirements of different installation spaces. It can achieve a pre-separation efficiency of up to 90%. Pre-separation of dust ejection can be up to 94%. In severe dust conditions, such as agricultural machinery, construction machinery and mining operations.

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