Motor Vehicle License Installation Requirements

The installation of the license plate must ensure that the license plate is not deformed and perforated and is substantially perpendicular to the ground. The error is less than 15 degrees.

2. When the license plate is installed, two sides of the plate must be fixed with two special seals for the license plate.

3, the former number plate must be installed in the middle or right side of the front lower front of the body

4. After the number plate must be installed in the middle or left position of the front lower rear part of the body

5. All types of motor vehicles produced after October 1, 1992 must be designed and manufactured in accordance with the above requirements and the size specifications of the number plate to manufacture corresponding mounting positions or number plates.

6, large trucks and trailers must be written at the rear of the car plate number plate zoom, the font is enlarged 2.5 times, the font standard and the number plate

7. For large truck trailers, one side of the trailer's number plate should be hung (the semi-trailer should use the host number plate), and spray the enlarged number to issue the driving permit. The host and the trailer are not a number plate

Add new rules:

(1) The provisions of the second paragraph of Article 11 of the "Road Traffic Safety Law": The number plate of a motor vehicle shall be suspended and maintained in a clear and complete manner, and shall not be deliberately blocked or defaced. (II) “Technical Conditions for Operational Safety of Motor Vehicles” (GB7258-2004) 8.10: Applicable license plates are to be provided before and after the vehicle. The former license plate should be set on the front middle or right side, and the rear plate holder should be set behind The middle or left side. (3) Provisions of the "People's Republic of China Public Safety Standards - Motor Vehicles Plate of the People's Republic of China" (GA36-2007) 7.1: 1. The former number plate is installed in the middle or right side of the front end of the motor vehicle, and the rear number plate is installed in the middle or left of the rear end of the motor vehicle, which should not affect the safe driving of the motor vehicle and the identification of the number plate; 2. The number plate shall be installed so as to ensure that the number plate is not deformed and covered, horizontally horizontally, and the longitudinal direction is substantially perpendicular to the ground, and the longitudinal angle is ≤15°; 3. Except for temporary entry vehicle number plates and temporary driving number plates, other motor vehicle number plates shall be fixed on each side with at least two unified plate-fixing devices fixed with the issuing authority's code; When using the number plate auxiliary installation, the edge of the inner side of the number plate is more than 5mm from the edge of the vehicle registration number character; 5. The temporary entry car number plate and temporary driving number plate shall be placed on the right side of the front windshield, and the temporary entry motorcycle number plate shall be carried with the vehicle.

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