New biosensor technology enables real-time detection

Recently, Russian scientists have developed a new laser technology used to create novel optical biosensors that recognize infectious diseases in seconds. The device uses infrared light to show harmful bacteria and viruses and can be widely used in large transport hubs, such as airports, that require constant monitoring of large passenger flows.

The study appeared in the "Laser Physics Letters" magazine. The sensor is made of a regular micro-perforation of silver nano-thin film deposited on a transparent substrate supported by natural mineral fluorite. Samples of biological material, such as scraped samples of nasal mucosa, are placed on the film. The film is then exposed to infrared light from an infrared spectrometer in a typical laboratory. By getting the spectrum through the sample, researchers can deduce the presence of specific bacteria or viruses.

To prove that the new biosensing platform can detect pathogenic microbes immediately, scientists have used a common bacterium to experiment with Staphylococcus aureus.

This rapid analysis may be widely used in large transport hubs, such as airports, where health monitoring of transit passengers is required. At the moment, this is done with a thermal imaging camera tracking body temperature. A feverish passenger may be a potential source of infection. In this case, a clear analysis is necessary to identify whether the individual is actually ill or for whatever reason. It takes several days to investigate biological materials using existing methods, such as the polymerase chain reaction method. In contrast, this new technology provides immediate detection results.

The research was led by scientists from the Universities of Mechanics and Optics, the National Nuclear Research University, the Lebestern Institute of Physics and the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, and worked closely with the Moscow Infectious Diseases Clinic.

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