· One-stop service for automobile exhaust related business in 24 testing stations in Harbin

It was learned from the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau that the remote monitoring system for motor vehicle emission inspection in Harbin was officially put into operation. In the future, 24 automobile inspection stations in the city can handle the business of tail gas filing, transfer and punishment.
No dead angle shooting automatically entered the qualified data yesterday, the reporter went to the Harbin City Motor Vehicle Exhaust Pollution Management Office located in the Kelly Automobile Department Store Plaza in Songbei District. In the remote monitoring laboratory, the staff is monitoring and auditing the vehicle exhaust gas detection data of 24 automobile inspection stations in the city through the monitoring system. The staff can not only see the vehicle license plate number and frame number, but also the vehicle exhaust emissions data.
At the Kelly car inspection station site, when the vehicle to be tested enters the exhaust gas detection zone, multiple cameras begin to shoot the vehicle without dead angle and upload it to the monitoring system. The inspector then uploads the vehicle exhaust emission data from the testing equipment to the monitoring system in real time. At this time, the system can automatically compare the specified data according to the vehicle information and automatically enter the qualified data. Finally, the system background personnel will review the data information to ensure that the on-site staff at the inspection station have no illegal operation behavior and ensure the accuracy of the exhaust gas detection.
According to the director of the Harbin-based motor vehicle exhaust pollution management office, the system has realized the networking with the Municipal Public Security Traffic Management Bureau. The vehicle environmental protection information is matched with the vehicle data information of the public security system, and the vehicle files are transferred and scrapped. The vehicle information is in time. At present, the system has four operation ports: inspection station end, inspection personnel end, competent business department and system administrator; environmental protection inspection service platform, environmental protection qualified mark management platform, environmental protection over-time inspection and punishment platform, vehicle file management platform, system management Platforms, etc.; specific functions include vehicle registration, data transmission and printing of report sheets, printing of qualified marks, user management, and inspection station filing.
Eliminate human-made fraud to achieve one-stop service After the system is running, there is no need to set up environmental protection department personnel on site, you can master the data and on-site work flow in the exhaust gas detection of 24 automobile inspection stations in the city, and minimize the data in the exhaust gas detection process. Fraud and human factors. At the same time, the system integrates management modules such as remote inspection of vehicles, registration of new vehicles, transfer of vehicles, transfer of foreign vehicles, verification of environmental protection signs, remote delivery of administrative penalties, and emission standard inquiry. In the past, Harbin Automobile Exhaust Gas related business can only be handled in six environmental inspection agencies, and now 24 automobile inspection stations in the city can be handled, saving the owner's time and economic costs and realizing one-stop service.
In addition, some "black intermediary" and "black agent" of automobile exhaust gas detection often conceal the actual vehicle detection data in the process of charge d' affaires, and describe the qualified car as "unqualified" and "overdue detection", so that the owner pays "fine". . After the new system is running, the owner will encounter similar situations. You can directly query the exhaust gas detection data by calling 86653170, or consult relevant regulations to prevent damage to your own interests.

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