Plasma Cutting Torch HC-1303 for Plasma Power Source

Model NO.: HC-1303
Trademark: Greatech
Origin: China
HS Code: 8466930000
HC-1303 is our latest design and upgraded version of air cooling CNC plasma cutting torch, it is 100% duty cycle @130A. It is used both for EMC-100 and EMC-130 series plasma power source. The cutting capability, pierce thickness, cutting quality and life time of torch have been improved a lot.
Plasma Cutting Torch HC-1303 for Plasma Power Source

[HC1303 Torch part name and code]
Cutting Method Current (A) Electrode Nozzle Protective Cap Copper Sleeve Retaining Cap
Dry Cutting 35-60 331013 332006 333013 335013 338013 
65-100 332010
105-130 332013
Plasma Cutting Torch HC-1303 for Plasma Power Source


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