Plastic Waste Film Granulating Machine (YE)

Model NO.: YE-100L/150L/300L
Color of Granulating Machine: Green or Blue
Material of Granulating Machine: Steel
Fixed Knife for Granulating Machine: 4PCS
Flexible Knife for Granulating Machine: 2PCS
Trademark: Y. E
Specification: granulating machine was according to CE
Origin: Zhejiang Ruian
HS Code: 847720

The plastic film 
granulating machine was designed to recycle waste plastic film and bag, for second using of the recycled granule. Save cost and reduce pollution.


1. Disintegrating,stirring and coloring can be finished in one time.
2. The machine occupies small space.
3. Easy in structure and convenient to operate.
4. Adjustable between the knife gaps, convenient to replace the knife.
5. High production efficiency and low energy consumption (Daily output
Reaches 1 ton with electric power consumption 200 kwh)
6. Basically don't damage the molecular structure of raw material , nor the
physical performance.

Main Parameters:

Capacity of Barrel 150L 100L
Waste Filling Capacity 10-12 kg 8-10 kg
Output Capacity 60-80kg/h 30-60kg/h
Main Motor Power 18.5kw 15kw
Water Pump 40w 40w
Heating Power 1.5kw 1.5kw
Flexible knife  2 pcs 2 pcs
Fixing knife  6 pcs 4 pcs
Overall Dimensions(L-W-H) 1500*700*1400mm 1300*600*1300mm
Weight  1200kg  1000kg

LDPE Granules from grinding milling granulator:

Plastic Waste Film Granulating Machine (YE)

LDPE Granules from grinding milling granulator

Plastic Waste Film Granulating Machine (YE)

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