Roll over semi-trailer and turn over semi-trailer

The rollover dumper is mainly suitable for mid-to-long-distance transport of medium-heavy and bulk cargoes, and the applicability of the transported cargo is strong. The rollover dump trailer uses advanced computer-aided design software to optimize the design. Based on the vehicle load quality requirements, the vehicle frame is subjected to finite element analysis, scientific design, and reasonable distribution. Axles, tires and other purchased parts are well-known products produced by professional manufacturers at home and abroad, but I am afraid that the combination of these two flat-panel container dump trucks is not a lot. The size of the loading site is determined according to the size of a standard container, and a twist-lock device for a fixed container is provided at the position corresponding to the four corners of the bottom of the container. Special transport trailers carrying containers. Twist locking devices for securing containers are provided at the four corners of the loading area.

The rollover dumper is a brand-new light vehicle that adopts FEA analysis to carry out multiple innovations on the basis of full understanding and analysis of the transportation environment around the country and draws on advanced design concepts at home and abroad. The convex-concave structure penetrates the beam structure, and under the premise of ensuring the structural strength and performing multiple local weight reductions, the weight is light. By adopting Shanghai Baosteel high-strength steel and structural innovation, the same bearing capacity is maintained while reducing its own weight. Usually semi-hanging, full-hanging, and double-hanging, semi-hanging is more. After the rollover, the tipping and dumping trailer is divided into a flat panel type and a skeleton type. The former has a flat cargo platform and can also be used to ship ordinary grown goods; the latter has no cargo platform, and the container is mounted on a chassis skeleton and is fixed by a twist lock device. Become a strength member of the semi-trailer.

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