Safety measures for forced ceiling release of 116'6-3 mining face

I. Overview

116'6-3 mining coal caving face needs to be forced, in order to ensure security force roof process, especially the preparation of the following measures.

Second, special support and back column

1. The working surface is supported by a hinged top beam and a single hydraulic prop. The column is pulled by the column spacing, the column spacing is 0.7m (the column spacing is 0.5m at the lead), and the row spacing is 1m. The pillars are required to be strong in the mountains, and the angle of the mountain is 2° to 3°. Tightening and fasting, rowing into rows, the initial support of the column is ≥60kN.

2. The safety exit on the surface is supported by four pairs of eight beams.

3. Working surface return airway and working surface transportation lane shall be double-rowed column within 10m from the coal wall, and single-row column within 10~20m. The height of the front support sidewalk shall not be less than 1.6m and the width shall not be less than 0.7m. .

4. Using the single hydraulic props, two pillars are added between the basic columns at the end of the mining face to form a head column as an inclined column, one of which serves as a basic column backup column.

5. A shed should be erected every 5m in the top row. After the shed wood column is broken, it should be replaced in time.

6. The “#” type raft should be placed every 15m. The floating coal rafts at the rafts should be cleaned, and the rafts should be squared, stacked one by one, and topped. After the first release of the face, the raft can be removed.

7. When returning to the column, strictly carry out the first branch and then return it from bottom to top and from the old pond to the coal wall.

8. Three people will be arranged to return to the column. One of them will hold and operate the column back to the column. The column to be installed back to the column must be refilled to ensure firmness. An experienced person is full-time on the top of the mountain, and one person is tied with a rope to unload the column. The person who hangs the hook must withdraw to the safe place on the upper side of the column. After cleaning the road, the column can be twisted back to the column. It is strictly forbidden for personnel to enter the empty top area. If the pillar is unloaded and then poured into the empty area, use a long handle tool to take the column.

9. In the process of returning to the column, when it is found that there are threats and unsafe hidden dangers that threaten personal safety, the personnel will be evacuated to the safe place of the upper and lower lanes in time, and the back column can be operated after the roof is stable and the hidden dangers are excluded. .

Third, forced topping

1. Members of the mine roof management leading group must insist on on-site follow-up during forced ceiling. If unsafe hidden dangers are discovered, immediate measures must be taken on site to deal with them.

2. In the old pond, set the signal column with two-thirds of the logs cut with a diameter of ≤0.1m. If the signal column is found to be broken, the top plate will show signs of pressure (such as: the top plate is severely dropped and the pillars are audible), and all the face workers must be evacuated to a safe place 50m away from the working surface. Wait until the top plate is stable before entering the work place to continue working.

3, forced topping operation: in the top of the cut line with an angle of 45 °, a row of eyes, the depth of the eye is 1.5m, the distance between the top of the eye is 1.2m. Each blasthole is loaded with 4 explosives, one detonator, and the rest is filled with yellow mud. The order of firing is from bottom to top, and the maximum number of shots per shot cannot exceed five.

4. If the roof is forcibly topped for the first time, the top plate is not down, and after the mining face is backed up for 2 rows, the second forced topping is carried out until the falling height of the top plate reaches 1.5 times of the mining height, and the forced topping is completed.

Fourth, other

1. After each class of staff is in place, the system of knocking and helping the top must be strictly implemented, and the roof and support of the workplace should be kept in mind. If problems are found, they must be rectified immediately, and empty top operations are strictly prohibited.

2, the mechanical and electrical equipment shelves placed neatly and listed management, to ensure that the good is not lost.

3. The end time of forced topping is determined by the top management leadership team.

4. Other matters shall be strictly implemented in accordance with the "Work Regulations for Mining Faces of 116'6-3 Coal Mining Face".

5. This measure is implemented after the implementation of the study among the staff of the whole team.

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