Safety Net Inspection Instrument Usage Notes

Safety Net Inspection Instrument Usage Precautions

Article from the Technical Department of Qingdao Zhongbang Instrument Co., Ltd.

Safety network detection equipment is mainly used to detect the performance of safety nets. Which safety net inspection instruments need to pay attention to during use?

I. Operation precautions of ZW-732 safety net impact tester:

1. The test bench must be fixed firmly and a soft sand test pit must be arranged below the test ball.

2. For safety reasons, the test ball is suspended and the operator is prohibited from standing under the test ball.

3, during the test, please do not let the crowd wait around the test stand, walk around.

Second, ZW-733 safety net penetration test machine operation precautions:

1. To prevent accidents, it is forbidden to reach under the test stick during the test.

2. After the test stick is sucked in, please contact the operator outside the instrument to prevent accidents.

Third, ZW-736 safety net ultraviolet pretreatment box operation precautions:

1. During the test, it is strictly prohibited to shake the cabinet, otherwise it is explosive.

2. Do not place the instrument in a wet environment.

3. At any time, it is forbidden to touch the high pressure xenon lamp directly by hand.

4, the operator should have protective clothing, protective gloves, so as not to be hand stabbed or burned.

5. Note that when placing the sample, do not touch the high pressure xenon lamp. The high pressure xenon lamp is a fragile glass product.

6. During the test, the cabinet should be laid flat so that the xenon lamp is in a vertical state during normal operation, otherwise the life of the xenon lamp will be shortened.

7. Before each time you turn on the Xenon lamp, you should check whether the cooling fan is working normally (wind blow out from the outlet of the Xenon lamp). It is forbidden to turn on the Xenon lamp when the cooling fan is not working (for example, it is broken)!

8, the instrument must have a good grounding!

Fourth, ZF-621 safety net flame tester operating precautions:

1. Instruments and gas cylinders must be kept strictly free of pyrotechnics, eliminate fire, and extinguish the smouldering specimens after the test. Carbon dioxide and other fire fighting equipment should be installed.

2. The gas pipeline must be inspected carefully before starting the machine. Gas leakage is strictly prohibited.

3, operators should wear protective clothing, protective gloves, so as not to be hand stabbed or burned.

4. This test is best carried out in a fume hood to prepare for immediate removal of harmful gases and replacement of fresh air.

5. After the test is completed, the gas source should be turned off. After the gas in the tube is burned out, turn off the power.

6, the instrument is equipped with gas alarm device, such as the gas alarm ring, please check whether there is leakage.

7. Immediately after the alarm of the gas alarm, turn off the power and air supply, and restart the machine after troubleshooting.

8, the instrument must have a good grounding!

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