Self-driving tanker car valuation of 1 billion

echCrunch has confirmed the report that auto-starts Zoox to increase $200 million in a $1 billion valuation. We also learned that the capital of Lux investors and Defeng Jie participated in the round.

Based on the Palo Alto founded by the startup Tim Kentley couple and Jesse Levinson, has been deliberately silent about their work probably because of competition reasons, but the Zoox team has been dedicated to several years of autonomous cars now.

Zoox is said to be an architectural technology that can be Google's self-driving car and cruising automated tanker, which was recently acquired by General Motors.

Zoox debuted at the 2013 Los Angeles Auto Show. Then these “Boz” designs appear on these renderings without windshields, emphasizing autonomy.

Sources tell us that zoox is not just a car, it just puts itself, but every aspect of the car has been completely transformed. They think they might help them with Tesla's patented technology.

With the advancement of technology and self-driving cars, some people say that super-like service will be fully automated. Major investments have flooded into car startups, and traditional car manufacturers, which have been slow to innovate and are likely to continue acquiring in space.

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