Shaanxi Construction Vehicle Import Precautions

Shaanxi Construction Vehicle Import Considerations Shaanxi Construction Vehicle Import Considerations Food clearance, electrical clearance, mechanical production line clearance, piano clearance, luxury clearance, as long as you need, we can operate for you to clear all kinds of cargo clearance. We have more than 10 years of professional customs clearance experience, and our 12 branch offices are dedicated to serve you. Welcome your inquire. ======================================= Customs consultant: Song Sen phone handset (WeChat same number ) 13021042731 Business QQ E-mail: Company Address: Chaoyang District, Beijing Wang Jing Fang Heng International C 909 ============================== ========= Import Route? Entry-Exit Commodity Inspection Record----Delivery---Pre-shipment Inspection and Quarantine Record (Hong Kong China Inspection or Overseas Pre-inspection)----Agent Import License (O Certificate )----Domestic ports (commissioning/customs declaration/tax) ----- manufacturers? II. Operational procedures 1. Sign cooperation agreement to determine details of imported used machinery and electronic product list; Before the import inspection, the local commodity inspection bureau used to import the "preparation record for the old mechanical and electrical commodity inspections." 3. While confirming the record, a reasonable arrangement for informing your company about the delivery of the goods; if you need to handle the import license of the old machine, apply at the same time; 4. After the goods arrive in Hong Kong, our company is responsible for the unloading and warehousing of single orders, arranging Hong Kong inspection company to do the inspection, the inspection and inspection certificate, and apply for the "pre-shipment inspection certificate for imported used mechanical and electrical products"; Professional agents or with overseas pre-inspection, you can choose the United States overseas pre-inspection)? 5. After passing the inspection, arrange the barge to transport the cargo to the port of import port, and at the same time, go to the domestic import port commodity inspection bureau to change the original “book of record” and “certificate of inspection and quarantine”; 6. After the goods arrive at the terminal, change the goods for delivery. , Receive "pre-shipment inspection and quarantine record for imported used mechanical and electrical products" and arrange inspection and quarantine, apply for the local port "inspection and quarantine customs clearance form", and make a single application for customs declaration (customs declaration à trial tax payment à Customs inspection cargo à release); 7. General Process Overview: Preparation of Import Information - Application for Inspection of Commercial Records - Registration of Imported Licenses for Old Machinery - Arrangement of Inspection - Arranging Barges to Local Terminals - At Importing Ports, Arrangement for Inspection of Goods - Customs Clearance - Customs declaration, trial price, tax bill, tax - customs inspection and verification at the site - delivery of goods - delivery to the manufacturer. ? ======================================= Customs adviser: Song Sen phone handset (Weixin Tong No.) 13021042731 Business QQ E-mail: Company Address: Chaoyang District, Beijing Wangjing Fangheng International C 909 ============================= ========== Shaanxi Construction Vehicle Import Precautions Shaanxi Construction Vehicle Import Precautions

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