[Shanghai Auto Show] Euro-Europe will bring Euro V Engine to Shanghai Auto Show

The 13th Shanghai International Auto Show with the theme of "Technology, Art, and New Realm" will be officially opened on April 22. At that time, the powertrain manufacturing company - Inner Mongolia Euro-Ide Engine Co., Ltd. will carry its European V emission standards. The full range of 1.5L to 3.0L clean diesel engines unveiled.

As a rising star in the domestic engine industry, Euro-Italian takes a place in the market with its advanced diesel engine technology. In 2006, Euro-Italian Engine Company and the world's top engine manufacturer Italian VM Co., Ltd. reached a cooperation agreement to introduce the world's most advanced diesel engine production line and technology. The 1.5L to 3.0L clean diesel engines developed by the company have reached Euro V emission standards. The boost power of the five engines exceeds the level of 45kW/L encouraged by the government.

It is worth mentioning that the 483Q2.0L engine developed by Euro-Ideas is used as the gold displacement of domestic diesel engines, and it adopts the world's leading Bosch electronically controlled high-pressure common rail fuel injection system, using pressurized intercooling technology and cooling exhaust gas. The cycle technology effectively reduces emissions and improves fuel economy. It utilizes a variable-section turbocharger to increase the power and torque of the engine. The power and torque reach 110kW/4000rpm and 310Nm/2000rpm, respectively, and the power is 55kW/L that belongs to the national advanced level. .

The birth of Euro-Europe's V diesel engine not only fills the gap in the domestic market for independent research and development of high-performance diesel engines, but also makes it possible for China's diesel cars to develop to a higher level.