Soil moisture monitoring system promotes the development of fine agriculture

Farming production, as well as disaster prevention and drought resistance, need to collect soil moisture information, and the more comprehensive and timely the soil moisture data collected, the more accurate the production management and disaster prevention and drought relief work will be, and the more it will be in place, the improvement of soil moisture reporting management is An important measure to achieve safe production and refined management of agriculture. At present, in many areas, the soil moisture monitoring system has been installed and applied to realize the technical upgrading of soil moisture reporting and management, and the advanced agricultural technology has made the soil moisture reporting management work more convenient and efficient, which has greatly promoted the fine agricultural engineering. Advance and development.

Soil moisture monitoring system

At present, many areas focus on fostering and developing high-quality agriculture such as vegetables, fruits, flowers, etc., not only the scale of planting has been expanded, but also the planting standards have been improved. In order to meet the production requirements, planting techniques also need to be improved. Let production management be scientific and refined, and fertilize and irrigate according to the growth needs of crops, so that the quality of fruits and vegetables can be better, and the yield is higher. In exchange for the increase in economic income, it is more conducive to good planting. effect. So how can we achieve scientific and refined production management? In the production process, the use of agricultural instruments such as soil moisture monitoring systems to strengthen the monitoring of the agrometeorological environment is the most basic step and an important production prerequisite.

The production management work must be scientific and refined, then all production measures must be based on evidence and accurate, and the production is based on the agricultural big data collected by the soil moisture monitoring system. For example, if you can't accurately know the soil moisture situation, then there is no way to judge when the land needs irrigation, how much to irrigate, and the ability to resist natural disasters will be weak, vulnerable to disasters and cause production losses. After applying the soil moisture monitoring system, the soil moisture data can be timely and accurately fed back to the data center, based on the public opinion data to avoid risks, rationally arrange production operations, save a lot of manpower and material resources, and save money and increase efficiency. With the support of science and technology, we will take the fine agricultural route and begin to benefit more and more regions and the masses.

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