Soil moisture recorder to study the changing law of soil moisture

The role of precision irrigation in the development of modern agriculture is very important. To improve the utilization of water resources, real-time monitoring and forecasting of soil moisture is very necessary because of the need to formulate water transfer and distribution plans and irrigation plans based on these data. This is an important means of drought relief. Soil moisture recorder plays an important role in the study of soil moisture.

Sampling samples of soil moisture are all one-dimensional random sequences of time. Generally speaking, the average level and variability are described in terms of central tendency and discrete trend. Indicators that reflect discrete trends include the sample's maximum, minimum, variance, standard deviation, coefficient of variation, and range, and indicators that reflect trends in the data set include the mean, median, and so on.

In the study of the law of soil moisture content change, the histogram of soil moisture logging data is often used for analysis, that is, a series of rectangles of equal width and height are used to represent the data distribution. When drawing the histogram of the lyric data, the data frequency in the given interval is the height of the rectangle and the ordinate, the interval of the data range is the width of the rectangle, and the abscissa.

With global warming, drought has become a major natural disaster that plagues the normal production and life of human society. Soil moisture logging monitoring and forecasting of soil moisture is the basic work for drought prevention and drought relief. It is through the determination of the changes in soil moisture content that the drought-resistant department determines the current level of public opinion and forecasts the development and evolution of the next stage of public opinion.

8 Inch FRP Pressure Vessel

End Entry Design & Side Entry Design

Available in pressure rating of 300psi,450psi,600psi,1000psi,1200psi
Can accommodate any standard make of 8" Membrane Element
Key Features
Min. Operating Temp.: 14°F / -10°C
Max. Operating Temp.: 150°F / 66°C
Factory Test Pressure: ASME: 1.1x Design Pressure 
Standard: 1.5x Design Pressure
Internal permeate port not to exceed 125PSI(0.88MPa)
Operating pH Range: 3 – 11
Cleaning pH Range: 2 – 12 (less than 30 minutes)
Please operate in accordance with User Manual.

8 Inch FRP Pressure Vessel

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